11. September 2019 - 9:00
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Investigations Training for HR and OH&S Professionals | Insight Psychological Inc | Wednesday, 11. September 2019

Pre-Approved for 14 CPD Hours by CPHR Alberta.
*Eligible for employee training funding through Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) (when combined with our 7-Hour Psychological Safety – Hazard Identification & Controls on September 18, 2019)
This 2-day investigations training is designed to supplement current training and knowledge of HR and OH&S professionals by providing them with an enhanced investigative skill set. Current investigative training and mandate of OH&S requires a more advanced level of knowledge and training as the complex world of OHS management has changed and includes areas such as psychological safety, substance use, harassment as hazards as well as higher level of corporate and legislative expectations and accountability.
This training takes the best practices from a variety of investigative sectors and will include:
1) Addressing gap between HR and OHS
2) Role clarity, boundaries, and relationship between HR, OHS, the employer, and parties involved in the investigation
3) Differences in approaches (e.g. in interviewing) between general HR practices and investigative practices
4) Examples, relevance, and specifics for the investigations of cases involving workplace harassment, violence, and substance abuse
The 2-day training session will cover the following 10 modules on the preparation and facilitation of quality, credible investigation:
Module I: Principles of excellent investigations

This module covers the 9 principles that guide thorough, fair, and defendable investigations.

Module II: Investigating with Emotional Intelligence

This module covers the key components of emotional intelligence that could positively or negatively affect an investigation. Awareness of one’s potential biases and limitations as well as effective management of one’s own emotions and those of others is essential to successful investigations.

Module III: Preliminary Analysis and Investigations Planning

This module covers the scope, purpose and plan related to an investigation. Thorough planning of an investigation provides the investigator with focus and ability to approach investigations with confidence.

Module IV: Risk Management and Investigations

Utilizing established risk management principles, this module provides focus and prioritization to the investigative plan and execution

Module V: Interviewing Techniques

Utilizing a combination of theoretical and practical techniques, this module provides the learner with interviewing best practices including, but not limited to establishing rapport, utilizing open ended questions, posing difficult questions without interrogation, and managing deceptive or reluctant witnesses

Module VI: Identification and Preservation of Evidence

This module identifies other evidence to be considered in an investigation. This could include physical evidence, documentary evidence, electronic evidence, social media evidence.

Module VII: Conducting Credibility Assessments

In the case of a contentious or potentially litigious investigation, an investigator may receive conflicting or opposing evidence from persons interviewed. To establish a finding, based on the balance of probabilities, an investigator may need to assess the credibility of the witnesses interviewed. This module provides a guideline and factors to be considered in credibility assessments.

Module VIII: Investigations Analysis

This module brings together the information gathered in an investigation, provides the learner with the skills to assess the weight and value of evidence, and provides practical methods of coming to a finding.

Module IX: Root Cause Analysis

This module identifies the high-level principles surrounding a causation model of analysis to an incident.

Module X: Documentation and Report writing

This covers note taking, report writing and recommendation best practices related to identification of fact, sequence of events, attachments and appendices.

FACILITATOR: BOB STENHOUSE, MTH, LPI, Certified CMHA Psychological Health & Safety Advisor
Bob Stenhouse is a Senior Associate at Insight Corporate Care. He is a retired RCMP leader, undercover pioneer, and former organized crime investigator. He is a recognized and seasoned expert in investigations training and has delivered such training to hundreds of professionals within a wide variety of environments, regulation requirements and occupational sectors. As former leader of the Corporate Investigations Unit for the largest employer in Alberta (Alberta Health Services), Bob has extensive investigation and risk management experience with serious and complex incidents in the workplace. Bob has brought his passion, education and experiences together in the promotion of psychological safety and emotional intelligence in the workplace.
Bob has personally encountered the good, the bad, and the ugly in organizational culture and workplace psychological safety, and is able to bring these real-life experiences directly into his training sessions. Aside from the benefit of his expertise, participants in Bob’s workshops will also find him to be a highly engaging facilitator with whom they can feel comfortable, connect earnestly, and share experiences readily for the benefit of collective learning. His intriguing stories of biker gang investigations, homicide undercover as well as interesting experiences within the Corporate Investigations Unit of the largest employer in Alberta form colorful and impactful illustrations in his training.

A spiral bound training manual and workshop certificate.
Participants are on their own for lunch.