12. January 2018 - 18:30
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Ice Race / Winter Driving School 2018 | Chateau Louis Hotel & Conference Centre | Friday, 12. January 2018

2018 NASCC Winter Driving & Ice Race School registration is now open! This school coveres general winter driving skills and/or Ice Racing Skills.

If you want to ice race in 2018 and you have never ice raced before and want to obtain an license you must take the school.

This is also an excellent opportunity if you want to gain confidence and learn how to react in Winter Driving comditions.

Sign up as soon as possible to guarentee a spot in the school.
School is at Chateau Louis Friday night, and Roy's lake on Saturday.

Fri - 6:00 - 6:30PM for Registration (Chateau Louis)
Fri - 6:30PM: Classroom Lessons
Sat - 9:00AM: Practical Lessons at Roy's Lake

The mandatory Friday evening classroom session at the Chateau Louis provides technical discussion on taking a corner at speed (turn-in, corner apex and corner exit, slip angle, friction circles and the like), with emphasis on aspects of competition (safety, flags, the rolling start), and a little information about car preparation.

The evening session is followed by an on- track session on the Saturday, at a lake that is usually identified 48-72 hours in advance. 9 am Saturday Track Session at the Lake: It consists of various exercises: 1-Braking, accelerating, turning - pylon type course; 2 - low speed ice driving - short twisting course; 3- full track - regular highway speed driving with instructor in the car. (These vary depending on ice conditions).
You will be in your car most of the day.

What you need:
Vehicle: Any street car in the form of sedan, sports car or hatchback with winter tires can be used to take the school. All season tires will work very poorly in general. Very heavy vehicles such as full sized SUV’s and pickup trucks are highly discouraged, but compact SUV versions (like a Toyata Rav4 or Ford Ranger) are acceptable. If you are going racing, then bringing your ice race car to the on-track session is a good idea, but bringing any car will do. Installing a seat for your instructor is mandatory though, if the car is race prepared, and if you can’t install a seat you should think about bringing a car your instructor can sit in.