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I SCREAM 4 CANCER RESEARCH! | Edmonton, Alberta | Thursday, 14. February 2019

Welcome to the Official Donation Page of

Showing your support by donations and the creator of this fundrasier "Salah Elgoharys" that people can come together and support a great cause! This is aimed at helping all kinds...

of Cancer. My 7 year old who has the drive and willingness to help find a cure for Cancer needs your support. He does not suffer from cancer but has lost family and friends to this disease. 100% of your proceeds will go directly to Cancer Reasearch through this link below. Please Share this page with your friends on facebook/emails/ twitter youtube and go viral. Together we can all make a difference for people that have Cancer! Kids and adults and our grandparents are dying by the hour! Dont just read make your contribution today. On behalf of my family and the Canadian Cancer we say Thank you.

The link below goes directly to the Candian Cancer Society

Thank you for your support and donation. Please share this email above and get the word of how we can help.
  • good on your son, he will make a difference. BTW, there's gonna be an event on 2019?...alittle far to plan, eager beaver!...lol
  • I had a company provide bracelets to sell for Cancer Research. Looking to get some Shirts done. A work in progress. A dream from the age of 7 years old and now 11 to be just as famous as terry foxy in name in that he's helping to make a difference for people suffering from cancer of any form. Helping by screaming out for cancer research. A mom working hard full time and working to help reach this dream for her son as well the dream for others. May we succeed in teaching our kids the importance of helping others and that a little or big help goes a long way no matter how small or big the effort.
  • I scream for cancer research! Who's with me and wants my dream to come true of helping fight this disease. By Salah E
  • My son one day at a time until goal is reached will be coming into a area to sell a t-Shirt or ice cream for the cause. 100% will go to cross cancer. All products sold will be given by donation to sell by local businesses. Thank you too all our sponsors/donators ahead of time.
  • UPDATE: So approximately 500 cancer shirts will be donated by a company and still working on the details to sell for Cancer Research enshallah (god willing) ice cream to go into some schools to sell: So Far Salahs School Only at this point considered! Needing 643 Dixie cups to sell for cancer! Looking for a donator?? Also once I can find a donator of ice cream we will be at Save On Foods- The store that is willing to help us achieve Salahs goal. Date and locations to be announced. We are talking right now and might be in a hospital this summer for the a quit smoking campaign Enshallah!! This is Slowly but surly it will happen one day and then we will be busy. Salahs ultimate goal: to go on TV Globally so he can reach more people! Last his ultimately goal link something on YouTube? I have yet to figure that on out? Thank you all for your support thoroughly this journey and we hope to meet up with you soon one day to hear your story's and offer you an ice cream or t-shirt for Cancer! We support all kinds of Cancer for Research!
  • Donate today and let's scream for Cancer Research!
  • I SCREAM 4 Cancer Research. Donate today!
  • Please Share on your Timeline and with friends and get" I SCREAM 4 REASRCH" VIRAL! (THANK YOU AHEAD OF TIME FOR GETTING THE WORD OUT) I will update you with totals of Donations in the near future so you could be proud of ALL your efforts of sharing this page and inviting people AND more importantly to donating for research.
  • The link below shows you how to sponsor and donate directly to cancer reserach. Please share this page or invite people to this page! Lets go Viral. I need your help with this as this will help my son Salah Elgohary is reaching for the stars. His first goal is raising money for Cancer. The second goal is to become a doctor. I just want to show him anything he sets his mind too he can accomplish. This idea was 100 % created from a 7 year old. From the title to putting in Cyber Space. Next part of our journey is also from his creativie imagination and its selling Ice Cream to " I Scream for Research"! Please donate today! All contributions help! Thank you from us and from the ones needing our help to find a cure!