05. February 2018 - 10:00

I Am Muslim: Islam Awareness Week 2018 | Muslim Students' Association - UofA | Monday, 05. February 2018

The Muslim Students' Association at the University of Alberta is proud to host I Am Muslim: Islam Awareness Week 2018.

Join us for a week full of events and learning opportunities for what it means to be Muslim and what Islam is.

- Monday, February 5: "The Pillars" Education & SUB

- Tuesday, February 6: Tea and Jeopardy @ Education & SUB
- Tuesday, February 6: "Beauty in This" with Dr. Shelby Haque @ 6pm Telus 150

- Wednesday, February 7: Speaking the Truth with Boonaa Mohammed @ SUB Stage 12pm-1pm

- Thursday, February 8: "Can They be Canadian" with Sh. Navaid Aziz @ ECHA L1-190 6pm

- Friday, February 9: Film screening of "Detainee X" with Executive Producer Boonaa Mohammed and guest Sh. Navaid Aziz @ ECHA L1-190 5:30pm

Want to volunteer with IAW (perks included)?! Sign up here:
  • It was a great event at SUB. Enjoyed Boonaa Mohammad's poem. Thanks MSA a lot. Looking forward for next events.
  • TOMORROW (Thursday) evening at 6pm in ECHA L1-190, join us with Sh. Navaid Aziz as part of IAW! Who is Sh. Navaid Aziz: https://www.iisc.ca/sheikh-navaid-aziz
  • On campus? Stop by for poetry by Boonaa Mohammed! On SUB stage until 1pm.
  • Come see us in SUB and Education with some tea and jeopardy or later today in Telus 150 for Dr. Shelby Haque’s talk!
  • Islam Awareness Week has begun! TOMORROW (Tuesday) evening is our first talk of the week with Dr. Shelby Haque, Muslim Chaplain, Interfaith Chaplains’ Association. Come out to Telus 150 for 6pm! "For centuries, Muslims focused on beauty as a reflection of Divine Grace. The breathtaking architecture of the Alhambra in Spain and the Taj Mahal in India were the results of Islamic civilizations at opposite ends of the earth. The poetry of Rumi, textiles of Egypt, tilework of the Maghreb and many other forms of art were used throughout the Muslim world to express love for The Creator and Creation. How could a renewed focus on beauty and art cure what ails the postmodern world?"
  • Have you seen the trailer for Detainee X yet?! Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1RwIc3NGhg
  • Wondering what's going on during Islam Awareness Week? See the poster below!
  • This year with Ansar Youth Association - AYA , we're hosting the world premiere of Detainee X followed by a Q&A with executive producer Boonaa Mohammed and Sh. Navaid Aziz! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1RwIc3NGhg