14. December 2017 - 18:30 till 22:00
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Glass Blowing: Friendship Balls | Bissett Stained Glass | Thursday, 14. December 2017

All classes are now sold out.

Make beautiful glass balls to hang on a tree, keep in a vase or give to family and friends. No two will be alike. While using torches, learn the physical properties of glass from the brittle zone at room temperature to the elastic state and annealing. No glass experience necessary.
  • I have a glass ya can blow..!! Lol Might end up looking like those LITTLE Christmas lights..you k ow..the ones on a string.. DAMMIT Who we kidding... All i got is these lil Chinese loghts . They still Glow..but like ****..try teading a Book with em Lmfao Luv u me buddy
  • Hi shayla! No thank you . See you later.
  • Classes are all full 😮
  • That would be awesome to go see that
  • Dima Nair next time they do this we should totally blow each other’s friendship balls
  • If all sold when is the next class would love to do this
  • Hi again everyone! Since we are still getting some questions about glass blowing we just wanted to provide some information for anyone who missed it. Unfortunately we don't have exact dates for when the next offerings will be. We are hoping to have more in the coming year, but it depends on space, instructor and material availability. If you would like to be added to the waitlist so we can email you when new courses are announced, follow this link and click 'add to waiting list': https://edmonton.augusoft.net/index.cfm?method=ClassInfo.ClassInformation&int_class_id=48347 Thank you everyone for your interest and questions!
  • When will the next open event be held?
  • Will there be more classes this year?
  • This looks great. I'd love to and I notice that the classes are sold out. Will you be running them again in the new year?
  • Czar Briones wanna go?
  • Bonnie Leah Koprowski
  • I would also like to know if there are going to be more classes after christmas? 😊
  • Would like to be put on a waiting list for this class if another one opens up. Thanks 😊
  • Do we preregister?
  • If you plan on having another class after Christmas can you please let me know?
  • Wow, we are blown away by all the interest in this class, thank you for sharing your excitement with us! We really wanted to be able to accommodate everyone who wants to take this class, but unfortunately, despite Metro's and Bissett Stained Glass' best efforts, we aren't able to add any more classes due to materials availability. We will email those on the waiting list if classes become available in the future, and we'll keep in mind the level of interest for future planning! Please check back in with us next year. For glass art classes happening at Bissett Stained Glass in the near future you can check our website. Also, our winter continuing education classes will be announced on November 1. If you want to stay in the loop with details about classes like these, sign up for the Metro newsletter here: https://www.metrocontinuingeducation.ca/about-us/enewsletter-signup/
  • Daphne McConnell?
  • Cant there be more classes offered?
  • Hi again glass blowing enthusiasts! For those of you who have questions about the waiting list, it is located on the Metro website. We do need you to add yourself to the online waiting list (not through Facebook) so that we have your information to be able to contact you if a course does become available. If you navigate to the class you are interested in on the Metro website, there will be an 'add to waiting list' option. Here is a link to the November 22 class: https://edmonton.augusoft.net/index.cfm?method=ClassInfo.ClassInformation&int_class_id=48343
  • Thanks so much for your interest in this class everyone! Unfortunately all class offerings are now full. We are looking into opening more classes but nothing is confirmed as of yet. If we are able to run more classes, we will notify those on the waiting list first. Thank you for all of your suggestions as well!
  • Do you ever host glass blowing events on the weekend???? Would love to attend one however would have to drive 2.5 hrs there!!
  • Are all the classes full?
  • You should bring this to Whitecourt Alberta
  • Just double checking, it's $80 for materials plus $89 for tuition?