28. February 2018 - 20:00
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Faith Healer with Jom Comyn Live at The Rec Room | The Rec Room | Wednesday, 28. February 2018

Faith Healer

When Edmonton’s Jessica Jalbert first began performing solo under the name Faith Healer, the alias was her way of avoiding being pigeonholed as a singer-songwriter. Now, however, times have changed. Faith Healer has turned into a band, with singer-guitarist Jalbert joined by drummer/multi-instrumentalist Renny Wilson. Their first EP as a duo is called Try ;-)

Balancing melancholic lyrics with playful moods, lush melodies with straightforward arrangements, Try ;-) is the sound of an introspective loner leaving her bedroom to make a rock record with her best bud. It’s what happens when you stop taking life as it comes and instead throw all of your effort into making timeless pop songs. Forget what the bullies told you in middle school—there is nothing cooler than trying hard.

The intensive creative process inspired the title of Try ;-) and serves as a reminder that sometimes you need to grab life by the horns rather than waiting for inspiration to strike. As for that winky ****: “I Always use that wink emoticon,” Jalbert says with a laugh. “I think it’s hilarious. I think it’s cheeky and fun, which is something that I was trying to access a little more with this record.”

Jom Comyn

$10 advance/$15 door
Doors 8PM/Show 9PM
The Hall, The Rec Room