20. January 2018 - 7:00
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Empowered 300HR Advanced Yoga Teacher Training | Empowered Yoga | Saturday, 20. January 2018

Edmonton’s leading and first modular 300HR Advanced Yoga teacher training program with experienced teachers, modern ideas, flexible schedule and payment plans.

This program is self paced and individually designed based on your vision as a teacher. We encourage students to ask intelligent questions, determine context and applicability, work synergistically within modern health care paradigms and most importantly create their own style based in both tradition and innovation—We do not SHOULD on our students and teachers.

There are 6 core modules (150HRS) required and elective modules (150HRS)

The core modules will include important foundational information focused on anatomy, biomechanics, alignment, psychology, philosophy, energetics, and movement practices from various disciplines, their role in grounding people in their bodies while awakening potential and increasing vitality. Teachers will gain an even deeper understanding of the fusion of anatomy & physiology and the eastern energetics and how each lens offers a different perspective when viewing individual bodies and experiences. The focus is creating classes that are accessible and inclusive to EVERYBODY.

We offer the 6 core modules once per calendar year January through May over 6 weekends.

In addition to the core modules there are ‘elective’ hours. YOU get to decide what you study based on what inspires you. We offer many specialty courses and bring in various ‘experts’.

Some of the electives include:
Prenatal Yoga with Clare Newman
Empowered Kids and Teens
BEology Meditation and Mindfulness with Michele Theoret
Ayurveda with Matthew Remski
Pain Care with Shelly Prosko and Neil Pearson
Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Unguru
Yin Yoga with Joe Barnett
Evolution of Flow: Ashtanga/Rocket remix with Danielle Murray
Yoga for Athletes with Michele Theoret
Restorative Yoga with Michele Theoret
Yoga Nidra with Laeonie Gano
Yoga for Aging with Heidi Mason
and much more.......

Both the core modules and the elective credits may be started at any time and we have flexible payment options as well.You may even take the elective prior to the core modules or even years apart. YES you can even take the electives prior to the core modules.

Once you have completed 300Hrs you will be granted a 300HR advanced certificate from Empowered Yoga and eligible to register as a 500HR instructor with the Yoga Alliance.

All of our modules are open modules. The Core modules are offered from January through May and while it is recommended you take all six core modules together in the sequential order, it is also possible to take them over a few years .

We also understand the financial and time commitment for educational pursuits. We are committed to offering flexibility for both finances and schedules that allow our program to be accessible to everybody. Once you have selected your curriculum we will work out a payment plan that is comfortable for you.

To apply for the 300 Hr advanced course, a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate from any school is required. Register onlune my paying the core module deposit or send u an email.

see our website for a list of core modules and electives

  • This program is self paced and individually designed based on your vision as a teacher. Just as there is no “one size fits all” yoga practice, we believe that each teacher is unique in their offerings and it is our goal to create a program that awakens these talents, empowering teachers to find their own voice. We encourage students to ask intelligent questions, determine context and applicability, work synergistically within modern health care paradigms and most importantly create their own style based in both tradition and innovation—We do not SHOULD on our students and teachers. See you there?
  • We have 3-5 spots remaining in each core module. If you are interested in attending register online or email me at info@empoweredyoga.ca
  • Did you get a chance to do one of the Facebook Live yoga classes with Michele? Here is one from Christmas Eve! https://www.facebook.com/EmpoweredYoga.ca/videos/1906699126036794/
  • Here is a little sneak peek of some of the mindful movement and embodied anatomy we will be looking at in the core modules
  • This is a at your own pace program. There are 6 core modules and 6 elective courses you can take to make your teacher training your own based off your interests. find out more here: https://empoweredyoga.ca/empowered-yoga-teacher-training/500-hr-teacher-training/
  • Check out these cool modifications of two common movements; balanced cat and water bugs demonstrated by Michele Theoret wellness. They are not too flashy or bendy but involve intense focus, concentration and integration. Many people ask what cues to use for “engaging the core” or “setting the shoulders” or "if x is happening what muscle is weak ?" or "what does x muscle do?" The truth is there are no good or bad cues, no right and wrong positions and learning individual muscles in relationship to complex movements or yoga postures may not provide us the answers we need. In our upcoming 200HR and 300HR yoga teacher trainings we focus on embodied anatomy, feeling movement, noticing what happens as a result of different actions and understanding that our body is a unique adaptation as a result of our various life experiences and genetics. No two people are having the same experience or will look identical in postures. We don’t should on people. We learn why permissive cuing, asking questions and offering suggestions as opposed to authoritarian cues and aggressive adjustments allows our students to engage in a conversation with their experience, versus sacrificing boundaries to reach an arbitrary destination that may or may not be healthy or possible. Mindful movement is a result of this intimate conversation. Mindfulness is not a place to get to, it involves exploring where you are. We also explore various movement possibilities and learn new ways of moving, which is the foundation of growth, creativity and resilience. What else might be possible for me? Join Michele Theoret and Empowered Yoga for the annual advanced anatomy: Joint communities and integrity Jan 20th and 21st to explore these concepts of embodied anatomy, sustainability, resilience and creativity. This module may be used towards our 300HR and 800HR programs. Just 10 spots remain www.empoweredyoga.ca
  • Most of our Core modules are already half full. Conveniently spaced one weekend per month offers optimal time for absorption and practice. If you cannot attend all of the modules in one year they can also be spread over many years. In addition electives may be taken at any time. Please contact me if you have any questions
  • I have my YTT200 but haven't taught actual classes yet - I'm an RMT and incorporate my YTT into homecare and extra private time with my clients - should I have more teaching time before taking this 300 hrs course? If so - how much is recommended?
  • Michele Theoret discussing the importance of 'balanced joint space' and why strength, and control through full range of motion is important beyond depth and 'flexibility'
  • Here is a little peak at what we offer.....
  • We are now accepting registration for the core modules for 2018. With one core module per month and flexible payment plans we hope this years training is enriching, informative and comfortable.
  • The Mind-Body-Energy module will incorporate some body sensing and scanning techniques.
  • We have been getting a few questions about this program. 1. Yes you can take the electives at any time even before the core modules and they will still be counted. 2. Yes you can take these modules over a couple years 3. For information on payment plans please email for more info info@empoweredyoga.ca
  • This Year we decided to space the 6 core modules out over 5 months for more flexibility for those coming from out of town. The electives may be taken at ANY time and over several years if that is what fits YOUR schedule. We also have some online options for electives as well. To save your spot in this years core modules you can pay deposit online.