10. February 2018 - 8:00
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Edmonton K9 Conditioning Workshops with Bobbie Lyons- Feb, 2018 | Prairie Grooming and Training | Saturday, 10. February 2018

About K9 Conditioning:
Whether you and your dog participate in Agility, Flyball, Herding, IPO, NoseWork, Obedience, Conformation, Weight Pulling or just playing in the yard, you want to make sure that your canine companion is up to the task. Strength training is the missing piece of the puzzle for many canine athletes. More time and money is spent on fixing dogs’ injuries than on preventing them. Learn how to build core strength, improve balance, increase flexibility and range of motion, build confidence, increase hind-end awareness, reduce the risk of injury & improve your dog’s overall performance. The importance & benefits of warm-up & cool-down exercises will also be covered. Incorporating these exercises into your dog’s routine is FUN -- a great bonding experience that will physically & mentally stimulate your dog. Plus, these exercises are easily done at home.
For more Information or to register:
  • Hello all, Just a note, ALL working & auditing spots are full. I have started a waiting list for both working & auditing, so if you’re still interested, please email us at: k9fitnessseminar@shaw.ca
  • A BIG shout out to the first meal break sponsors... Town Centre Veterinary Hospital! They have graciously sponsored lunch on Saturday! Town Centre is one of the more progressive clinics serving Edmonton! They offer both Western and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine; acupuncture; chiropractic; massage therapy; laser therapy and osteopathy PLUS Dr Pam Gobel and RVT, Kari have both been certified in Canine Rehabilitation Therapy...a one stop shop for all your veterinary needs! Dr. Sheri Lund & Dr. Alicia Glacier will be available during the breaks at the workshop to answer any further questions about the services they have to offer! #K9FitnessEdmonton
  • A BIG shout out to the second meal break sponsors... Parkland Veterinary Clinic! They have graciously sponsored lunch on Sunday! Parkland is one of the more progressive clinics serving the Spruce Grove (& Edmonton)! Dr Dani Wood has over 6 years experience in orthopedic surgery, including being well verse in 6 of the more popular CCL Surgical Repair Techniques, PLUS they are now only of only 2 clinics offering regenerative PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy in the Edmonton area! PRP Regenerative Therapy is used to relieve pain/inflammation of osteoarthritis, conservative treatment of ligament injuries and speeds healing of orthopedic repair injuries! Dr. Dani Wood; Dr. Marg Wood & RVT Fiona will be available during the breaks at the workshop to answer any further questions about the services they offer! #K9FitnessEdmonton
  • Here is a copy of the full information/registration package: Any questions or to get a PDF version, please contact us! 😀🐾 #K9FitnessEdmonton
  • There has been a few questions regarding a 'discount' for folk wanting to sign up for multiple working spots for Bobbie's workshops! Saturday ONLY (AM/PM): $300 Saturday (x1 workshop) & Sunday: $430 ALL Workshops (Sat x2/Sunday): $550 Any question, please feel free to ask! 😁🐾 The FB Group is now a closed group for registered attendees -all information needed to register will be posted here or is available by emailing our team at: k9fitnessseminar@shaw.ca
  • For further information or registration package, please email: k9fitnessseminar@shaw.ca #K9FitnessEdmonton
  • I'd like to extend a huge shoutout to our great sponsors that have graciously offered to sponsor lunches during Edmonton Bobbie Lyons Ccft K9 Fitness Workshops! Thank-you to Parkland Veterinary Clinic and Town Centre Veterinary Hospital! #K9FitnessEdmonton