24. March 2018 - 18:30

Celebrate Nowruz 1397 with the Edmonton Iranian School! | Persia Palace | Saturday, 24. March 2018

Join us on March 24th 2018 in celebrating the rebirth of our planet Earth and rejuvenation of Mother Nature, a new day, Nowruz.

We have a spectacular night planned out for you, let me give you a glimpse:

The night will start out with formal introductions by our special guest (SURPRISE!), followed by the Iranian School students' performance of the National Patriotic song, Ey Iran; feel free to sing along! The students have a number of short performances following Ey Iran that will simply melt your hearts, so bring your cameras.

Next is the delicious feast of dinner! Persia Palace Restaurant has an array of dishes planned out for the night including but not limited to Chelo Kabab, Khoreshte Sabzi, Khoreshte Gheymeh, green salad and more! As if that is not enough, following dinner is traditionally tea and pastry time.

Next we will take a short period of time to reminisce on the past few years of sweet memories with current and former students of the Edmonton Iranian School and how we have come to be where we are today and who we have to thank. Next is the part of the night that you were waiting for since you entered; DANCE TIME! DJ Ghods, a pioneer student of the EIS, will be spinning some great beats for you to move your body to. So please bring your Bandari hands along with you as you will need them all night!

We will pause at one point in the night to have a prize draw and to give DJ Ghods a break, so don't forget to pick up your ticket at the front! and then we will resume the dance party with your requests until midnight.

And that concludes our short but sweet night with our lovely guests. Don't forget that we will have a photographer on site to capture your joyous moments all though the night. High resolution photos can be requested after the party. Traditional attire is welcome and highly encouraged as we are all here to celebrate our nation's multiculturalism and what better way to do this than to show our colours, so wear them with pride! Cheers and we hope to see you all on the 24th of March 2018 :)