10. February 2018 - 17:00 till 20:30
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Building a Movement: Progressive Organizing 101 | Edmonton, Alberta | Saturday, 10. February 2018

Building a Movement is an evening training for rad progressives interested in engaging in political action. It aims to equip folks to address issues in their communities. We believe that building capacity in our communities is an integral part of political organizing. The room will be physically accessible, the venue will have gender neutral bathrooms, and there will be an ASL interpreter at this event.

Progress Alberta would like to recognize that this event is organized in amiskwaciwâskahikan, on treaty 6 land. we are committed to addressing the impacts of settler colonialism on Indigenous peoples, and acting in solidarity with our Indigenous relations.

The event is Pay What You Can. Eventbrite requires a $2 minimum, but if this is not accessible for you, we still want you to come! Please send an email to batul@progressalberta.ca to RSVP. We'll add you to the list :)


Anti- Oppression 101: Parker Leflar and Rebecca Blakey

The Revolution will be Accessible: Max Quilliam

Transphobia and Cis-Supremacy: Nicole Jones and Ezra Hockett

Political Agitation and Organizing:

How to Tell a Story: Duncan Kinney

Organizing in the Age of Surveillance : Siobhan O' Leary
  • Rebecca Blakey and Parker Leflar will be facilitating a workshop on anti-oppression. In this session, we'll define the concepts of oppression, anti-oppression, and intersectionality. Participants will explore how white supremacy is both ideological (a system of ideas and values) and material (tangible spaces and processes we navigate). We'll learn about how oppressive systems are tied together in complicated ways, and learn how to resist them together!
  • Nicole Jones and Ezra Hockett will be facilitating a workshop on addressing transphobia! This workshop will first uncover the source(s) of transphobia. Nicole and Ezra will analyze the impact of colonialism on mainstream gender theory as we know it today. Working with that, then it will help attendees develop tools to combat transphobia. It will ask what it looks like to be an ally, how to be accountable, and how to apologize
  • Another exciting workshop with Siobhan O'Leary! Organizing in the Age of Surveillance Surveillance has become an extensive practice by law enforcement thanks to advances in technology and sustained assaults on civil rights laws. Virtually every detail of your life can be laid bare and used against you in court. Organizers and activists have become targets; learn the basics to protect yourself.
  • How to Tell a Story: Duncan Kinney Each of us can learn to tell a story that can move others to action. We all have stories of challenge and of hope or we wouldn’t think the world needed changing or think that we could change it. The ***** is to articulate a story that communicates the values that have called us to leadership, the values that unite us, and the challenges that we must overcome together.
  • just wondering, do the workshops run 5-8:30 or 5:30 to 8pm?
  • When I try to register through Eventbrite it says I do not have permission... What do I need in order to register?
  • Where in Edmonton???
  • tansi/hello. questions: accessibility? safer space? "Until all of us are free, the few who think they are, remain tainted with enslavement." https://www.facebook.com/TheAntiONetwork http://theantioppressionnetwork.com
  • Hi There, Are we able to pay at the door or do we need to pay before hand?
  • Hi There, Are we able to pay at the door or do we need to pay before hand?