08. February 2018 - 19:00 till 23:45
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Boreal Kinship, Still Waters, FPOB, A Haunt of Crows | Bohemia | Thursday, 08. February 2018

Yeg Music Presents February 8th at Bohemia:

Boreal Kinship: This quintet excels at incorporating multiple instruments into their songs as well as using multiple vocal styles and tonalities in order to fuel a dynamic and fluid soundscape.

Meld this with story and concept-based songwriting, an exciting stage-presence and you are sure to have an extraordinarily unique experience while with Boreal Kinship.

Forming from unexpected chaos with a previous band in 2016, Kyle(Drums/Synth), Carl(Guitar/Multi-instrumentalist), and Garnet(Vocals) continued on by forming Boreal Kinship. They further anchored their foundation by adding the talented guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Alex to their group, later followed by bassist/multi-instrumentalist Adam.

Pressing on into 2017 and beyond they continue their journey, crossing over the borders of many genres in order to give the listener a truly awesome experience.

Still Waters: Spotify
Instagram: @stillvvaters

Fifteen Pounds of Beets: DOC DE BRUT--Found washed up on a beach in southern California, DOC DE BRUT proved to be the perfect "tabla rasa" for the imprint of ROCK AND ROLL. After receiving an honorary doctorate in ROCKING OUT he waited for forty days and forty nights in the streets of PARKLAND COUNTY before being captured by poachers.
KEVBOT--Your drummer from the future, vocalist and ROCK VISIONARY.
KEVBOT was assembled in a secret bunker beneath Azerbaijan during the height of the Cold War. During the course of some dark and arcane experiments involving nuclear fission, artificial intelligence and the decadence of Rock and Roll, KEVBOT soon outsmarted his scientist creators, liberated himself and brought down the Berlin wall. KEVBOT wandered the world, searching for purpose, until, after witnessing the excesses of western culture in the film Gigli, he decided to use his powers for ROCKING OUT.
S.I.M.--Sensuality and Guitars and Rock Screaming and Counting.
S.I.M. was a puppet, but he found that he had the power to heal. So, after cutting his strings, he escaped to the deep South of the North, where he knew his talents would eventually destroy him. So he destroyed them. Now, he only has the power to SHRED. He knows no human speech, he feels no human fear, he sees no human sight. He will melt your **** right before he melts your heart. He is S.I.M.!
Nikki Tantrum--Guitars, Sensuality and vocalist.
Raised by a secret society of Norwegian yak herding monks, Nikki Tantrum was taught the most secret ways of ROCKING OUT and clever stage banter. The only thing he eats is the throats of other animals in order to keep his vocal chords supple and smooth as yak cream and yellow silk. Though sometimes confused with Winston Churchill and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, he is neither. He has been preparing his whole life for this...for now....HOW MANY OF YOU ARE READY TO ROCK?

A Haunt of Crows:
A band from Edmonton, AB

Doors open at 7:00PM
18+ Venue

*Cash & Debit Accepted at Front Door*

Ticket prices are as posted:
$10 for a hardcopy
$10 + convenience fee online at until the day before the event.
$15 at the door

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