26. January 2018 - 20:00
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50% Fruit Productions presents: "Little Miss Princess 1985" | Evolution Wonderlounge | Friday, 26. January 2018

From the creators of "Mask 4 Mask"* and "The SHEvil Dead"**, comes a brand new theatrical drag event!!

50% Fruit Productions presents:
"Little Miss Princess 1985"
Written and Directed by: Zachary Parsons-Lozinski
Audio Compiled by: Daniel Calihoo
Lighting Design by: Rob Browatzke

Friday, January 26th, 2018
Doors at 8:00 PM // Showtime at 9:00 PM // $10.00 Admission
Evolution Wonderlounge
10220 103 Street NW, Edmonton AB

"Life has been hard for Vanity Fair since winning the Little Miss Princess competition in 1985; her mother is overbearing, her career unfulfilling, and the glamour she once knew seems like only a distant memory! In an attempt to reclaim the stardom of her youth, she enters the 2018 Little Miss Princess competition... but pageant life has changed since her time in the spotlight."

Vanity Fair, Lilith Fair, GoGo Fetch, Science Fair, Kat Marlowe Minorah, Jesse Hannibal, Goblynn Dixxx, and Sucreesha Minorah

Featuring the voice of Calgary's Drag Superstar 2016: Misty Meadows

"Little Miss Princess 1985" is a highly collaborative Drag effort! The script is written by Zachary Parsons-Lozinski, audio is recorded by the entire cast, and the entertainers submit routines for their characters based off of what is happening to them at that point in the show! Due to the nature of the show, we highly recommend that you arrive early, so you don't miss out on any of the narrative!

*Stiletto Award - WINNER - "Best Drag Event" (2016)
**Stiletto Award - NOMINATION PENDING - "Best Drag Event" (2017)

Poster Designed by: Daniel Calihoo
  • Meet the Cast #6: GoGo Fetch 50% Fruit Productions DEBUT Proving that Fetch HAS in fact happened, GoGo Fetch is a visual treat, and an audience favourite! Her undeniable energy radiates over the crowd, while her masterful makeup, and stunning outfits leaves them wowed! A member of the House of ****-CIDAL, GoGo has also achieved incredible success with her fundraisers for HIV / AIDS! A two time FINALIST in the Alberta's Drag Superstar competition, this Queen is a powerhouse of charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent! We are beyond excited to see what she brings to her first 50% Fruit Productions show!
  • Meet the Cast #5: Kat Marlowe Minorah 50% Fruit Productions DEBUT One of the hardest working, and funniest Queens working in our community today: Kat Marlowe Minorah is an undeniable superstar in the making! Her influences range from classic camp drag aesthetics, all the way up to the rise of "youtuber culture"; and audiences can't get enough of her! A great dancer, incredibly smart, and unwaveringly committed to her own absurd brand of humour; we can't wait to welcome Kat Marlowe Minorah to the 50% Fruit family!
  • Meet the Cast #4: Science Fair Previous 50% Fruit Productions credits: "Mask 4 Mask", and "The SHEvil Dead" Hilarious, committed, and unexpected: Science Fair always turns the party, with her bizarre, and charming blend of high-energy dance routines, and post-Adventure Time era camp aesthetics! As charming as she is strange, Science doesn't perform very often; but she always leaves audiences anticipating her next appearance! The winner of Miss Naughty Christmas 2016, and my only drag daughter, she's no stranger to unusual performance art... so we could not be more excited to see what she brings to her THIRD appearance with 50% Fruit Productions!
  • Meet the Cast #3: Jesse Hannibal 50% Fruit Productions DEBUT A bad ***** with a heart of gold: Jesse Hannibal's energetic performances, paired with her stunning makeup abilities, always leave audiences wanting more! A member of the House of ****-CIDAL, Jesse can frequently be found turning out looks for MAC Cosmetics, and recently won over audiences in Calgary at Twisted Element! We couldn't be more excited for Jesse's debut performance with 50% Fruit Productions!
  • Meet the Cast #2: Sucreesha Minorah Previous 50% Fruit Productions credits: "The SHEvil Dead" Effortlessly cool, Sucreesha Minorah stomps onto the stage, and captivates audiences with her energy, and her undeniable charisma! Runner up in the 2017 Alberta's Drag Superstar competition, as well as a member of the House of ****-CIDAL; Sucreesha is an unstoppable fan favourite! Previously seen with 50% Fruit Productions as a bimbo turned blood-thirsty *****; we can't wait to show you what she has in store for you next!!
  • Meet the Cast #1: Misty Meadows 50% Fruit Productions DEBUT Named "Calgary's Drag Superstar" at the 2016 Alberta's Drag Superstar competition, and now one of the hottest acts in Vancouver: Misty is an insanely talented force of nature! She's a seamstress, she's hilarious, and she's an incredible dancer! Unfortunately you won't see ANY of that... as we are only able to afford a voice-over cameo! But if you're currently living in Vancouver, you can catch Misty's weekly show, "Moist Mondays" at XY!
  • The script is finished, and has been sent out to the cast / sound editor!! We are creating a true "love-letter" to the history of Edmonton Drag! We can't wait to share our latest work with you!
  • Hype Train.