30. May 2019 - 9:00 till 12:00
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Modern Cloud Operations & Security Event - Edina | Microsoft Office - Edina | Thursday, 30. May 2019

Is your organization brand new to the cloud or do you have concerns surrounding security? Either way, you need to know what adoption strategies to follow and what pitfalls to avoid.
The Preparing for Modern Cloud Operations & Security Event will guide you through what to expect on your journey to the cloud but also, how to be operationally ready once you have arrived. You will hear useful tips and tricks to make {{ Name:default=company's like yours}} more successful and prepared for your cloud transition, including:

How to transition your operational techniques, tools, and roles to an Azure cloud environment?
How to move from a legacy approach to a cloud-consistent delivery and operations ecosystem that will scale?
The latest in cloud governance and security


Billing management
Application monitoring
Recovery and backup
Patching and management
Declarative structures
Application team release management
Application inventory and rationalization

Networking operations
Hidden CISO/Core Security considerations 
Reigning in rouge developers and IT
Creative ways to use existing tools 
Customer help desk lessons 
Application team release management
Reporting and auditing done right