04. September 2019 - 9:30 till 16:00
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CERTIFICATE IN GROUP FITNESS MANAGEMENT - Southampton Day 1 | Eastleigh Leisure Centre | Wednesday, 04. September 2019

This is a management education course that ensures every aspect of maximizing attendance and running a successful Group Fitness program is delivered, enabling clubs to achieve their business goals.
The GFM is comprised of 8 Key Plays which have been tried & tested with clubs from all sectors and sizes, helping them to become some of the most profitable clubs around the world. The 8 Key Plays cover all aspects from how to set targets that meet the club goals, how to create a timetable that drives maximum attendance through to how to recruit and motivate world class Instructors.
The GFM educates and provides essential tools to enable the club to plug and play some of the key principles that will shift the performance dial for them. Using our 50 year experience, we are proud to say that we are the only company providing this level of education in the Group Exercise space.
This course is great for a number of roles within all leisure sectors. Group Fitness is a major player in many clubs and there’s benefit in roles such as Fitness Manager, Club Manager and of course, Group Fitness Manager attending. Its primary design is for the person managing Group Fitness in a business. Its is key to note that this is a management course in Group Fitness so its heavily slanted towards achieving business goals for the club.
You will meet lots of like minded people and gain Inspiration, ideas, motivation and a heap of practical tools and tips they can take back to their club to help drive attendance and more members through the door of your club.