19. June 2019 - 9:30 till 14:15
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Storytelling and Organisational Culture (+Annual Meeting and Networking Lunch) | Yorkshire Wildlife Park | Wednesday, 19. June 2019

Storytelling and Organisational Culture
(plus Annual Meeting, Networking Lunch & Membership Views and Ideas session
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We're delighted to invite our CIPD members to our next branch event on Wednesday 19th June 2019
09.00 - 09.30am      Registration and Networking
9.30am - 10.15am   Branch Annual Meeting
10.15am -12.15pm  Storytelling and Organisational Culture
12.15pm - 1.15pm   Networking Lunch
1.15pm - 2.15pm     Membership Views and Idea
2.15pm                    Close
9.30am - 10.15amBranch Annual Meeting for 2018/2019
Branch Chair Sally Senior and other committee members will briefly report on the branch activities for 2018/2019, provide a financial position of the branch and outline our plans for 2019/20. After lunch members will have an opportunity to provide feedback about our future plans and make suggestions for future activities.
10.15am - 12.15pm Storytelling and Organisational Culture - Interactive seminar lead by Kirsty Tagg, Dale Carnegie Northern England
‘’Sapiens rule the world, because we are the only animal that can cooperate flexibly in large numbers. We can create mass cooperation networks, in which thousands and millions of complete strangers work together towards common goals. One-on-one, even ten-on-ten, we humans are embarrassingly similar to chimpanzees. Any attempt to understand our unique role in the world by studying our brains, our bodies, or our family relations, is doomed to failure. The real difference between us and chimpanzees is the mysterious glue that enables millions of humans to cooperate effectively.
This mysterious glue is made of stories, not genes.’’
Yuval Noah Haraari, Sapiens, 2011
Kirsty Tagg of Dale Carnegie will be delivering a high impact, interactive workshop to uncover the importance of what sets us apart from other animals…storytelling. Sharing how it helps us to create culture, connection, enhanced communication and creative success.
The 2 hour workshop will provide quick wins, practical tools and tips on storytelling for action.  Sharing the insight into why in an everchanging competitive environment we need to rely on our evolutionary skill to tell stories for success.
Here is a quick overview of the points covered;

The importance of storytelling and sharing best practice.
How storytelling impacts culture
The role of leadership in creation of culture
Quick wins from Dale Carnegie’s own story ‘How to win Friends and Influence People’
Taking action for the stories told in our environment.

Kirsty Tagg is a Dale Carnegie Trainer specialising in engaging, enabling and empowering individuals and teams to be able to step up their performance to drive positive business result. Experience working with senior teams in devising projects so their organisations can drive forward, ensures Kirsty can make it easy to enable people to connect individual performance to strategic requirements .  The local and international experience Kirsty has covers a wide range of industry from manufacturing and professional services to leisure and entertainment.  Kirsty has the ability to connect and understand all seniorities and business sizes enabling people to trust her allowing for a faster return on investment and expectation in terms of performance drive. Kirsty also specialises in the engagement of millennials within the workforce and how to motivate and inspire a generation that will be 75% of your workforce by 2030.
12.15pm - 1.15pm   Networking Lunch
1.15pm - 2.15pm     Membership Views and Ideas
An informal opportunity for members to provide feedback on the Annual Meeting, future plans and to share any ideas or suggestions for the future success of the branch.  

 Professional photography and video production will be taking place at the event, and these images may be used on future promotional materials for CIPD. Please note that by attending the event, you are giving your consent for your image to be used on any CIPD promotional materials.