20. January 2020 - 0:00
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Boycott Slave Trading Games | World Wide | Monday, 20. January 2020

Boycott Online Slavery Video Games and sign a Petition for removal of . The Petition sites are and

Why Boycott?

1) Anno1777.com uses images of Afrikan Slavery to advertise their slavery movement.
2) Anno1777.com is a movement that is simulates government & private sponsored trading of people.
3) The virtual money made by trading human slaves can dangerously be traded for real money.
4) Joining the Boycott & Signing a Petition puts you one step closer to becoming a real slave.

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Sound the slavery alarm. An online video game provider is using Afrikan Slavery to promote an online slave trading video game that in reality is a movement to reintroduce slavery.

Our goal is diminish and stop any source of media that promotes slavery or attempts create an environment where slavery is acceptable.

We will achieve our goal by economically boycotting any media that promotes slavery or attempts create an environment where slavery is acceptable.

Who can join the boycott?
Any individual, organization, or governmental agency can join.

Why should I care about this boycott?
Today, slavery is a problem that every nation on this earth has had to deal with. Children in Europe and North America have been kidnapped and sold into involuntary prostitution. People from Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and parts of Africa voluntarily travel to middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia with a promise of work but are often not paid and harshly beaten if they complain. People in South America have been trafficked to other countries where they are under-paid or not paid at all. Many of whom are killed if they complain.

Because of the physical, emotional, and economic problems that slavery and human trafficking cause’s supports of this boycott know that the world can not tolerate any thought that attempts to convince people that slavery in any form is some thing to play games with. In fact, we understand that social timing is very important to the release of any form of entertainment. And, that when a person unjustly suffers to the benefit of another person it is not an issue that any person should derive comfort from. Fortunately enough people in our world do know that any form of slavery diminishes the quality of human life and economic prosperity. Most countries have also ratified treaties like the United Nations Human Rights Declaration and have subsequently enacted laws that make slavery illegal. Unfortunately, there or people that think are out of synch with popular opinion and would like to see slavery become a normal part of society.

So, to answer the question! The evilness of slavery has no ethnic, religious, or social barrier. Joining this boycott puts you one step closer to ensuring that you or some one you know does not become a slave.