25. November 2019 - 18:30 till 20:30
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Thoughtstorm® Discussions that matter! FREE Event | Glenn Frost Room | Monday, 25. November 2019

What we are about: Thoughtstorm® is a group discovery tool that can unlock the answer to nearly any question in the universe, using non-discriminating thinking, discernment and compassion. 
This is an event for anyone interested in exploring ideas, creating new possibilities and experiencing heightened awareness. 
It is an easily learned technique for creating change. We will be using the Thoughtstorm Manual as a guide for our questions. You share your experiences and viewpoints in a process designed to generate new ideas that you would not have had on your own. Come and add your efforts to the Thoughtstorm and have a fun evening!
Bring yourself and a willingness to explore. You will each get a copy of the instructions and we will reviewl them with you. Then we will start with an alignment question to set the stage. Once started it will all become clear and simple. We will have the evenings topics ready for you from The Thoughtstorm Manual, then the exploration begins! Lets have fun, get creative and explore new possibilities!
PH: 0414 458 677
Email: robyn@happyactions.com.au