13. January 2018 - 18:00
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Neck a bottle of White Lightning and chong ****. | Caludon Castle | Saturday, 13. January 2018

Just a great venue with great people. There will be a TWOC'd Honda Dog and rope swings available for all the guests. 2's, 3rds and Beef will be passed around on all cigarettes, sharings caring.
  • Dan Thomas
  • https://www.facebook.com/events/1997000170574302??ti=ia
  • Ava Szekeres ???
  • K cider or **** off
  • Will ther b a woodbine an 3 hammers tent?? Askin 4 a friend!!
  • Will ther b a woodbine an 3 hammers tent??? Askin 4 a friend!!
  • Chloé Martin Mike Mackenzie
  • James Andrew Green just like old times 😁
  • Declan Rose can’t wait
  • Family outing great
  • Sounds like gin!
  • Danny Wade, Alex Coombs. What a night this would be
  • Sophia Sherratt-Amorelli, you up for it?? 😂
  • Ethan Moorhouse
  • Michael Dew-veal neck a bottle of strongbow and chong English
  • Is there an age restriction? I'm only twelve
  • Not a cider man. 15 cans of stella ok?
  • Im going to this instead of Download
  • it be ma birthday yaaas
  • Assuming this is a kid friendly event? Gonna bring my littlen he just turned 9 months he'll love this
  • So who's supplying the brown and blue bins so we can recycle our bottles and *** packs?
  • Any dealers going? Asking for a mate
  • Jessica Borseti I'm coming to visit you to go to this
  • Jo Carmody deffo think we should go like 😂***