01. June 2018 - 12:00
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9 Day Dancing Eros Immersion Retreat | Paradise One | Friday, 01. June 2018

Connect to your pleasure.
Love your body.
Feel radiant and fully alive.
Step into your ****** feminine power – your pleasure, your vulnerability, your wildness, depth and full unapologetic expression.

Spend 9 deeply immersive days at a beautiful retreat centre outside of Byron Bay – think lush rainforest, magnesium pools, a spa and sauna, beautiful spaces, nourishing food and powerful women.
This immersion retreat is an opportunity to initiate yourself and go deeper into the powerful woman that you know you are and are ready to fully own.

This work is like no other and has transformed hundreds of women’s lives! It’s real, no bullshit, authentic and relatable work that your body and soul are craving.

WARNING: Prepare to have your life changed!

Even after a 1 day Dancing Eros event women have been known to leave their unsatisfying jobs, attract amazing partners, conceive children, feel their orgasmic potential, and completely transform their relationship to themselves, their bodies and their whole perception of the world around them.

This retreat will take you to the next level and is for those who are fully ready to commit to going deep and to their edge to transform themselves and their lives.


The specific contents of the week are to remain a mystery to allow you to fully surrender into. It will be a potent journey that will open and expand you into connecting to and owning all aspects of yourself as a woman.

You will connect more fully to yourself, your sexuality and eroticism and your authentic expression in this world.

There will be time for rest and integration and opportunities for you to receive support to have your own personal breakthroughs.

All sexual preferences, physical abilities, ages, sizes and experience levels are welcome – you will be met where you are at.

Over the week we will go on a journey through the five ****** archetypes and the gifts they hold for you – we will go on a journey of initiation into your full power as a woman.


Discover your deepest vulnerability and longings. Access your softness, your sensuality, your ability to receive love from others and from yourself. Release trauma, baggage and control from your past, open into trust and surrender and being fully SEEN!


Fully let go and get out of your head. Unleash your intensity, expression, unapologetic instinctual power. Connect to your animalistic nature. Own your shadow, your ugly, your loud untameable essence and freedom. Learn how to Stop Giving a ****!!!


Experience and know yourself as the Goddess. Connect deeply to the spirituality of your sexuality. Learn how to have strong energetic boundaries, self worth and respect. Raise your vibration and find deeper presence and stillness. Let go of shrinking or dimming your power and give yourself permission to fully SHINE.

~ ****** MOTHER ~

This energy gives us the potential to heal our mother wound as well as our own personal conditionings around nurturing, love and sexuality. The ****** Mother is deep, lush, fertile, grounding, balanced, nurturing and orgasmically alive.

~ **** ~

Say Yes to life. To your body. To ****** and pleasure. Open in your play, your joy, your beauty and your **** exhibitionist. Learn how she can be a gift rather than a weapon. Let go of shame and guilt and own your desire to fully express yourself. Celebrate your sexuality!

The week will be safe and welcoming for all levels of experience and comfortability. From the women who are totally ready to go next level, to the women who are totally new and shitting themselves – all women are welcome to dive in and go there!


Friday 1st of June – Saturday 9th of June 2018.
Exact arrival & departure times TBC.

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE – they can be set up easily when speaking with the Dancing Eros admin team.

Airport Transfers: Fly into the Gold Coast Airport.

We will have a shuttle bus available on the 1st of June to transfer you to the retreat venue . A return shuttle bus from the venue will be available as well.


Paradise One is a sustainable / perma culture retreat venue & healing spa positioned in a private lush valley of the Byron Bay hinderlands, located in the northern rivers region of New South Wales. Their vision is to create a living, breathing, working model of Paradise on Earth.

The Retreat Centre includes an incredible creek, private swimming holes, pool and a natural hot tub. With cosy secluded cabins and yurts for sleeping overlooking the Hinterland, we will be in the perfect place to rejuvinate whilst we delve deep into the depth of Eros for the week!


Due to the poweful nature of this work - this is an application only process, with all applicants being contacted within 48 hours of submitting their request. Please take a moment to fill out the application below - the questions are simple and fun, and we will talk to you more when we call you to discuss the Retreat with you further.

Applications are open here:

Please note that these events are incredibly popular and will sell out, so we suggest you book in your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

See you there beautiful!