19. November 2019 - 9:30 till 11:30
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The Mortgage Administrator Workshop | Ulster Bank Mid-Ulster Business Centre | Tuesday, 19. November 2019

Are you a broker who completes their own administration or have you someone who completes it for you?
We will be holding The Mortgage Administrator workshops which are dedicated to helping you and your team build your knowledge.
The workshop includes: Fraud – how to spot; Technology and Tools: what to look for when keying a case; Case Submissions: how to get it right first time.
•       The fraud session provides an explanation of what fraud is, how it impacts you and   how we can help protect you against it.
It also looks at the responsibility for identifying and reporting fraud and to spot a potentially fraudulent application.
•       Technology and tools shows the online tools and technologies to help input, manage, and save client data, track cases and find out information on our criteria.
•       The Case submissions: get it right first time session looks at how to successfully package a case to maximize the likelihood of a speedy and positive outcome.
It will explain our process and explain which documents we will always require.
The ideal timeline and stages in the process will also be looked at including typical mistakes or omissions in admissions which slow the process down.