25. February 2020 - 13:00 till 16:00
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Branch County Block Party | United States | Tuesday, 25. February 2020

**21+ ONLY**
**** Must have Identification to enter****

Due to problems finding a suitable venue the time and date have changed. The more people who donate, the bigger we can make this thing. We will update our Facebook as soon as we have more details! The party will no longer be taking place at the Temple. This may cause the size of the party to change.
  • Alright we are trying this again. We need a new venue. We want something out side private property that can fit 200 to 400 people. Give us some ideas
  • The Block party is still going to happen. We just need a new venue. If you have any ideas on where we should host said event please drop it in the comments. The more people that donate the bigger the venue can be. Remember your money goes towards your drinks and the venue for the party. Until we find another venue the Date of the Block party has not been reset at this time
  • Lisa Ann Pennock
  • The DJ that we are planning on using is Justin Snyder the music will very from Dubstep to hip hop to Electronic Music. In sure we can have suggestions as well.
  • Interested!
  • Alright at the beginning we had a decent promotion rate and now it has slowed. So we would like your ideas on how to speed this up so please post on our page or shoot us a message with any ideas. We need to hit our target price to throw the party like boring branch county has never seen. 25 dollar donation is your ticket into the party it's self. It includes everything including raffle drinks all might and all competitions. We have multiple people who are saying they are coming but no donations so far. Please donate
  • Kelley Kinsey
  • To get the party that Branch county will be talking about for a lifetime started. We need you all to share this Event with all of your friends. We also need donations to get it started. We appreciate all the likes we have gotten so far, and are prepared to give the first person to donate a free plus two, meaning you can bring two extra people with a single $25 donation
  • Remember saying your going to this party does not guarantee you access. You must pay your part to get on the list. If you do not feel like you can make it please share the page anyways.
  • www.gofundme.com/branch-county-block-party