18. February 2018 - 10:00
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Iain Abernethy Seminar on Kururunfa | Junboku Karate Academy | Sunday, 18. February 2018

On Sunday 18th of February 2018, Iain will be teaching an open seminar in Bradford! This seminar will cover practical applications and drills for Kururunfa kata. No prior knowledge of the kata is needed. The name of the kata translates as something like, “hold ground and suddenly destroy”. The name of the kata reflects the applications it encapsulates! The event is open to all styles and grades. The seminar will run from 10am to 2pm and will be held in Junboku Dojo.
The cost is just £30 per person and to book please contact Andy Jackson via junbokukata@gmail.com or 07761 973553. See you there!
  • Unfortunately I can’t make it as I’ll be in Italy for a competition that weekend. Gutted! 😢
  • If you haven't confirmed you place please do so ASAP as they are going fast!
  • Gutted I can’t come to this. Doing a half marathon in Blackpool.
  • If I’m in the country then I’ll be interested in attending this. Not sure yet though as I have 2 international competitions in February but not 100% sure of the dates yet.
  • Gutted, won't be able to make this one.