05. August 2018 - 13:00 till 15:00

The Zim Zum Motherhood's Sacred Women's Circle - GRATITUDE - the gateway to joy | | Sunday, 05. August 2018

I knew that it felt good to be grateful. I knew that I noticed the little things - and the big things - more when I was aware of what I was grateful for. I knew that gratitude was that beautiful meeting of love and noticing which gave it such power. But I couldn't put into words why these things mattered so much.And then I heard Mitle Southey say "gratitude is the gateway to joy" and it all seemed so much clearer. We would love you to join us as we explore the idea of gratitude and how to bring more of it into our us for an afternoon of relaxation, ideas, nourishing conversation, the company of beautiful women, and a delicious afternoon tea.You will leave feeling calm, revitalised, part of our soulful community, and of course, grateful.
On Sunday 5 August from 1 - 3pm in Brookvale on Sydney's Northern Beaches