17. February 2018 - 10:00
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The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th | Saturday, 17. February 2018

Don't miss the Magick! Witchy Vendors, Crafts, Tarot Readers, Free Presentations, & More! Free to attend!
Saturday - 10am to 8:00pm | Sunday - 10am to 4:00pm

☆ ☆ ☆ ATM NOW ON SITE! Provided by Merchant 365☆ ☆ ☆

☆ ☆ ☆ FREE SWAG ☆ ☆ ☆
The first 5 people in the door both days get a free The Witchery Swag bag filled with awesome goodies from our vendors!

☆ ☆ ☆ Free Presentations ☆ ☆ ☆
Sat Feb 17th
1PM - The New Earth Expo - Free Tickets
Sun Feb 18th
2PM: The Crystal Exchange

Feb 17th: 10am - 8pm // Feb 18th: 10am - 4:00pm
10433 - 83 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2C7

  • ONLY 7 DAYS, 0 HOURS, 34 MIN, & 30 SECONDS TILL The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th! Don't miss the Magick!
  • FREE PRESENTATION & FREE EVENT TICKET ALERT // Sat 1PM // Gail Stamp of The New Earth Expo choose to create this event as it has been a dream of hers & it truly comes from her heart. It was created with the intent to share the gathered knowledge & experience of the many who have dedicated their lives to the benefit of our planet & people as a whole. She will be giving out FREE TICKETS to the expo as well! Don't miss out visit her at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th to snag your free tickets!
  • Did you know the first 5 folks through the door Sat & Sun get a free The Witchery Swag Bag filled with vendor goodies??? Get there at 10 am to not Miss the Magick! Come visit us at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th! <3 (all bags contain different & unique items & sadly the Kitteh is not included)
  • Warrior Apothecary is a Local Apothecary & Perfumery, with sustainably made concoctions to help relieve physical & mental ailments. 100% Vegan, with synthetic free and nut free ingredients. Health & uniqueness being top priority, along with ingredients that are quite Magickal and somewhat otherworldly. Visit them at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th!
  • Cave & Canyon​ crystal grids are sacred tools that will assist you in manifesting your desires and intent. Along with grids, Cave & Canyon carries a wide variety of crystals, from pocket stones to one of a kind specimens that will please spiritualists and rockhounds alike. Visit her The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th!
  • Keshia Coursaux of Souls Between Stars will be offering tarot readings on Saturday at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th! Having a passion for helping others connect to the universal energy that surrounds everyone, she offers messages for us when we open ourselves to receiving them. Tarot has been her one constant companion through this journey & she feels herself falling into the energy of each and every card along the way, which is why her readings are so heartfelt and in depth. Visit her FB group here -> https://www.facebook.com/groups/250626155136757/
  • Did you know we now have an ATM on site?? Once again Merchant 365 will be providing an ATM at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th! Huzzah! From ATM placement, rentals and leasing to Merchant Service processing & payment solutions - they do it all! Get in touch to get the conversation started!
  • Carys Cuttlefish takes the world of dreams, childhood wonder & adorable nightmares, by bringing them to life through the unique friends she creates. Making a variety of different products that showcase this strange & wonderful world. Each of her creatures comes with it's own story, that originates from the universe they came from so you can fully immerse yourself in it. Visit her creatures in person at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th​!
  • Please come to saskatoon!💕💕
  • Tizzy's Treasures​ is back at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th​! Bringing an array of whimsical beaded jewelry featuring gorgeous stones, brilliant glass, & crystal beads. Her ever-popular Shaman's Trinkets jewelry will be available, along with a few new collections! She will also be celebrating her second anniversary with special treats!
  • I want to go here on my birthday celebration...on the 17th. 😁 (after jump park).
  • At Where Faeries Live you will find supplies for all of your magickal needs. They carry a variety of jewelry, candles, incense, herbs, & books. Not only a vendor at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th, they also operate a brick & mortar business which hosts a variety of workshops & classes! Check out their page for more details.
  • Bro Brick creates unique and manly scented soaps, offering all natural, vegan, & environmentally friendly products, using only high quality oils to create pure soaps with a rich lather! They have teamed up with local business’ to create some truly exclusive bars of soap. Jacek Chocolate provides them with the chocolate & cocoa bean husk for their Whiskey & Chocolate scent & Alley Kat Brewing Company contributes the beer for their Beer & Cedar scented soaps. Come smell them in person at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th!
  • Tami Ambury of Creating Power Wellness & Consultation will be offering a brand new version of tarot – Sci-chi tarot at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th! In these unique tarot readings, psychological & physiological meaning of colour, shape, placement in addition to the use of intuitive information is used to read past, present & most likely future information. Check out her site at www.creatingpower.ca
  • The Witchery is run by a Witch who practices European & Slavic folk magic. Mesmerized by herbs, religious iconography, and the Dead, she is is a lover of low magick who enjoys helping people find the perfect incense, powder or spell kit to draw the intent and energy they are seeking. Visit her at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th!
  • FW Leather has been in the leather trade for almost 20 years. Serving a wide client base, from musicians to farmers and all magical souls inbetween. They are super excited to be back at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th!
  • Beloved Dominion offers quality handmade accessories, jewellery, clothing, and found objects. Our designs evoke old world traditions, holidays, and magic. A little bit kitsch, a little bit witch. Bringing you an eclectic array of the macabre with collections inspired by superstitions, talismans, Victorian mourning, old time carnivals, anatomy and science. Visit them at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th!
  • Ascending Energies Healing & Hypnotherapy offers a blend of Psychic, Mediumship, Spiritual Life-Coaching, energetic/body scanning, as well as some Health & Wellness Intuition. Past-life, present, and future elements, life-purpose and balance, relationship guidance, career, energetic self-care teachings, spirituality, health, & happiness are all elements that can be explored within a readings, in addition to anything else for which you seek guidance, information, or healing. Visit her at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th!
  • Hexelheim is strongly inspired by raw, organic elements and has a fascination with spiritual symbolism. She aspires to create one of kind copper electroformed & copper smithed crystal, bone & curio jewelry. Electroformed pendulums & board sets have also become a staple! Shop her goodies in person at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th!
  • Stacey Adams you could go so I can live vicariously through you...
  • Lewis Mayhem is runway designer specializing in Pagan, Wiccan, and Dark Tribal clothing. She makes clothes that are both awesome look at but also comfortable to wear in everyday life. Lewis Mayhem is best known for her deep cut hoods, and layered clothing style. Come see her amazing pieces in person at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th!
  • Is it too late to try and get a booth?
  • Element Botanicals creates botanically charged, aromatherapy spiked goods featuring wild harvested & home grown plants from the forests of BC. Passionate about providing unique, effective yet affordable products that showcase the many elements of nature's apothecary. From hard working deodorant (that really works) to elegant wild crafted perfumes, they have something for everyone. visit them at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th!
  • Mercedes Rego
  • We-Met Wire Work'a Art is based on the symbolism of the "Tree of Life" and the energies of the Seven "Chakra" as well as Nature. Some of her works includes semi precious stones, primarily Hematite, which resonates with her personally. The frames and some of the embellishments used in her Artwork are being recycled and re-purposed in her Artwork. Visit them at The Witchery Market - Feb 17th & 18th!