03. February 2018 - 12:00
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What a Girl Wants Market (18+) | Saturday, 03. February 2018

Just in time for Valentine's Day! A market for all things girly!!!!! Enjoy a unique experience and shop for trendy items that you can not find just anywhere. Giveaways will happen throughout the event. Cash bar onsite and eats available for purchase. Make it a girl's night out and enjoy some music as you shop and mingle.
  • Here is our list of vendors you will not want to miss at the What A Girl Wants Market (18+): Aime and Aime Threaded Metal Sweetlegs DoTerra Stella and Dot Wild Things Revital U Coffee LipSense Pure Romance Freedom Chiropractic Gelmoments (Sunday Only) Meliaura Isagenix Blackburn Ladies Softball Angel Divinations A & D Designs
  • Megaluma is proud to announce Meliaura as one of our vendors. Stop by and check out some of her beautiful pieces at the What A Girl Wants Market (18+).
  • A & D Designs is going to be at the What A Girl Wants Market (18+). Fabulous and unique items for those with imagination and love for old items made new again. Many refinished furniture pieces, and some handmade pieces to reflect your personality and charm !
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  • Megaluma is proud to announce another vendor for the What A Girl Wants Market (18+), Angel Divinations. Angel Divinations offers Psychic/Tarot/Angel Card Readings, Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Intragrated Energy Therapy (IET), Mediumship, Akashic Record Readings, Psychic Devopment Classes/Coaching and Hypnosis. “Where guidance, assistance, counselling and healing is the goal. My wish to be a divine source of: inspiration, wisdom, knowledge, harmony and healing.”
  • The Blackburn Ladies Softball League will be at the What A Girl Wants Market (18+). For over 25 years, the Blackburn Ladies Softball League has provided many women with great memories of playing the game they love, softball. Their goal as a recreational league is to have fun and at the same time improve our softball skills! They also have different fun social activities through out the off season as well as a Annual Fun Tournament every July. https://www.facebook.com/groups/BlackburnLadiesSoftball/
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  • Megaluma is proud to announce Tamilynn's Pure Romance as one of our vendors. Recconnect with your friends, get free gifts for hosting, learn amazing tips for the bedroom, enjoy confidential shopping, celebrate that special occassion and get exclusive products and deal at the What A Girl Wants Market (18+).
  • Announcing another vendor at the What A Girl Wants Market (18+), Threaded Metal. Designed and handcrafted in Ottawa, Threaded Metal combines a contemporary approach to the traditional craft of chainmail with free hand bead weaving to create timeless jewelry with an edge.
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  • Just 2 weeks until the What A Girl Wants Market (18+)! Who’s getting excited? We are! We are also excited to share another one of our amazing vendors, GelMoment. GelMoment is a NON TOXIC (no formaldyhide or f. resins, no tolulene, no camphor and no dibutyl phthalate) DIY GEL NAIL POLISH - no base coat, no top coat, NO ODOUR and is lead free, gluten free, vegan friendly and cruelty free too....dries in 60 seconds or less and lasts up to 2 weeks or longer!
  • Wild Things Jewelry and Decor will be one of the vendors at the Want A Girl Wants Market (18+). Wild Things Jewelry and Decor is a botanical jewelry and repurposed home decor line that combines a mix of natural, locally sourced and vintage materials to create one of a kind pieces. Wildflower lockets, Geometric Shelves and Cacti in vintage planters are among their best selling products!
  • Megaluma is proud to announce another vendor, SweetLegs. SweetLegs is the first Canadian leggings company to have our own in-house designed Signature Line. Available in 3 adult and 3 children’s sizes that fit most, with dozens of unique and beautiful prints. With a four-way stretch and kitten-soft finish that’s adored by all individuals. Come visit Rowena at the What A Girl Wants Market (18+) and get your SweetLegs leggings.
  • Megaluma is proud to announce that Dr. Omar Pervez from New Freedom Chiropractic will be one of our vendors. The clinic specializes in corrective care of the spine. Did you know that the main job of our spine is to protect our spinal cord, organ and nerves? Did you also know that our posture can tell us a lot about our spinal health? At the What A Girl Wants Market (18+), Dr. Pervez clinic will be offering free digital posture and spinal health checks. Check out his Facebook page here: HealthyJoints365
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  • Hello, are you still accepting vendors for this event? We would love to participate with our line Wild Things Jewelry and Decor!
  • Megaluma is proud to present one of our vendors at the What A Girl Wants Market (18+) on February 3rd and 4th, Stella & Dot. Stella and Dot is Award winning, designed in our New York and Sausalito Studios and manufactured all over the world. Designed using mix of materials like semi-precious stones, .925 sterling silver, bronze, 12 karat gold vermeil, conflict free diamonds, scarfs, getaway bag, gym bags, leather handbags, wallets and more.
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  • Would love to be a vendor for this event. I make handmade beaded jewellery. My email is kashubianblue@gmail.com.
  • I'm interested in being a vendor do you have Revital U Coffee if not pls send me info pls live_life_well@outlook.com
  • Hi, I’m a SweetLegs Distributor. Wondering if you already have one for this event? If not, I’d love a spot!
  • who do you contact in order to find out more about this? What is the cost for a table? Is it home made products only? pm me please
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