20. July 2020 - 20:00
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VSC "NETFLIX N CHILL" DATE & TIME TBD | Monday, 20. July 2020

VSC Movie Night!

We are not sure yet if we should just do a bulkbuy on tickets together or split the cost of a theatre between all attending guests.

Date & Time • TBD
Location • New West Landmark Cinemas
Movie • TBD

**Directions to New West**

Richmond • Take the 410 to 22nd street station then hop on the expo for one stop. (40-50 mins)

Vancouver • Take the Expo to New West (40 mins)

Surrey • 502 Etc to Surrey Central/King George then Expo to New West.

Coquitlam • Evergreen line to lougheed than switch to expo line to New West.
  • Almost forgot about this
  • No camera in da theatre
  • Let's get 150-200 people in the event
  • So I emailed Landmark and to rent a theatre we need 100 paid admissions. The times they offer are Sat/Sunday Mornings (10AM) or Monday - Friday Day Time. If we get 150 people that opens us up to doing Monday/Wednesday/Thursday night. What would you guys prefer?
  • How much r the tix?
  • Invite your VSC friends :) let's get a huge group
  • Is there any way we can do Scotiabank downtown
  • What movie should we see? And should we rent a theatre (splitting costs of price) or just mob a movie?