19. July 2018 - 10:00

Valhalla Sound Circus 2018 | Thursday, 19. July 2018

☀ JULY 19 - 23 JUILLET ☀

Billets en vente maintenant sur notre site web:

#VSC18 Vidéo Teaser - https://goo.gl/JSYsSF

Extra Early Bird: $125 - [Exclusivement En Ligne] - SOLD OUT
Early Bird: $150 - [Exclusivement En Ligne] - SOLD OUT
Regular Tier 1: $165
Regular Tier 2: $180

Billets d'autobus disponible sur notre site web!

Billet VSC18 + Billet d'autobus aller-retour: $195 (rabais $10)
Billet d'autobus (aller seulement) direction VSC: $30

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Tickets on sale now on our website:

#VSC18 Teaser Video - https://goo.gl/JSYsSF

Extra Early Bird: $125 - [Online Only] - SOLD OUT
Early Bird: $150 - [Online Only] - SOLD OUT
Regular Tier 1: $165
Regular Tier 2: $180

Bus tickets available on our website!

** Shipping will begin after January 1st 2018 for all ticket orders **

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  • FAM! We'll be offering 20% off your regular tier 1 tickets leading up to the phase 1 headliner announcement! Ticket discount available until Thursday at noon! 🐻⚡💚 billet / ticket link: https://goo.gl/97JrRq Use this code at checkout-> VSC18_Discount
  • J'aimerais rien de plus qu'entendre ca au valhallaaa😭🙏❤️
  • OK ---- NOW THIS FEELS REAL !!! Until the first announcement of the lineup next week, here is a live recorded set of mine, opening for BLEEP BLOOP this past summer. https://www.mixcloud.com/constructdubs/live-at-bleep-bloop-newspeak-july-22-2017/
  • For everyone that is going this year! A group to make planning for 2018 that much easier and meet other fellow bassheads from all over 🐻⚡💚 https://m.facebook.com/groups/1788875131401099
  • Valhalla fam! We are very proud to unveil this year's 2018 artwork! ⚡🐻🎪 New website is up and running and applications for artists, performers, volunteers & vendors up! And news we know you've all been patiently awaiting... Phase 1 headliner announcement coming next week, mark your calendars.. for January 25 🔥📆 https://www.valhallasoundcircus.com/ ❤
  • Is camping included in the price of the ticket? Thank you
  • #VSC18 full graphics and website along with artist, performer and vendor applications will be up next Thursday January 18 ⚡🐻💚 billets / tickets: https://goo.gl/U2iLpD
  • Hey, Just a few questions. 1) does it start the 19th or the 20th?? Both the website and the FB page state both days. Just want some clarity. 2) when will the other pages with all the information be available to view on the website. As of right now they are down still saying it can't find the page. Thanks. :)
  • Our year in review blog post, including Valhalla!
  • Quelle est la differance entre les billet de differant prix quelle sont les avantage ou desavantage
  • yoooooooooo Gentlemen's club srais mega fou❤️
  • It's finally here... the #VSC17 recap video!! 🎥🎬🔥 Once again a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated and contributed in any way shape or form <3 #VSC18 colors and graphics well on the way, might have a special headliner or 2 to announce when we launch as well 🐻⚡ Tickets available for 2018 at: https://www.valhallasoundcircus.com/
  • Snails 🐌💀🔥 au valhalla !! Je dirait pas non 🔥
  • Cyberoptics au drakkar plzz
  • valhalla wishlist caspa yheti tsuruda widdler flix & motus
  • Kris Cayden At Valhalla PLZ ❤💚❤💚❤
  • Omar Varela sa serait parfait!! ☠️☠️
  • Ganja white night plzzz🙏 le vybe serais parfais
  • Je sais pas mais cette annee jaimerais voir JAUZ
  • Charlie zane agaiiiiin💛
  • When you see all your friends buying lost lands tickets and your just like:
  • TAKE BOOGIE-T !!! j’ai pleins d’idée fantastique🧝🏼‍♀️🤩 plsss 💗😍
  • For the hardcore vikings, yet crafty.... (Rick???)