18. January 2018 - 18:00 till 20:30
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Unsettling Canada reading group! | Indigenous Peoples' Solidarity Movement Ottawa - IPSMO | Thursday, 18. January 2018

Read 'Unsettling Canada' with us, and then come talk about it and about strategies for unsettling and decolonizing!

Earlier this year, Indigenous activists associated with Idle No More and Defenders of the Land rejected celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the settler-colonial state of Canada. They encouraged people to, instead, read Arthur Manuel’s book 'Unsettling Canada: A National Wake-up Call'.

Manuel, who passed away in January, was one of the leading strategists of the anti-colonial struggle. His book showed how Canadian policy toward Indigenous peoples incorporated and still reflects all the elements of colonialism that are condemned by the United Nations: dispossession, forced dependency and oppression.

To register please email us at indigsol@riseup.net

We have a few free copies of the book to give people who can't buy one. If you need one, please email us ASAP!


The format of the Reading Group will involve small-group discussions of chapters from the book. There should be a moderator for each group, who will have some questions and prompts as a starting point for discussion.

Please note that these moderators will generally be from a settler background – folks who have been involved in Indigenous solidarity work themselves and with a long-term interest in unsettling themselves and our society, but not Indigenous themselves. (We believe that there’s important work to be done by settlers in educating their own community and pointing peers towards Indigenous resources, and that settlers don’t have an inherent right to always have an Indigenous person hold their hand and educate them about the basics of colonialism.)


Date of first session: Thurs Jan 18, 6pm-8.30pm
*This session will be facilitated by settlers who are members of the IPSMO collective.

Location: Room 133, Thompson Residence, 45 University Private, University of Ottawa

There will be a scheduled break, and some light snacks available.

Please contact us (indigsol@riseup.net) if you need help paying for bus fare, or have any other accommodation needs.

Second, third and last sessions: The third Thursday of each month. Same time, different locations (downtown Ottawa, TBA).

Schedule of readings:

January 18: Foreword-Chapter 4, inclusive (up to p. 51)
February 15: Chapter 5-9 (up to p. 125)
March 15: Chapter 10-13 (up to p.179)
April 19: Chapter 14-UNDRIP Appendix (up to 251)