01. January 2020 - 5:30 till 23:30
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Transit Riders Union and Network of Kamloops - T.R.U.N.K. | Wednesday, 01. January 2020

Weeeelllll... not the result we were hoping for...

Kamloops City Council voted to increase transit fares (effective April 2011).

At the last moment when it seemed very unlikely to have the increase put off we compromised by saying that we would accept keeping monthly passes and books of tickets at there current price and only increasing "per use" fares. The vote for this compromise was 3 in favour and still 5 opposed.

Absolutely stunning considering the city sustainability plan has a goal of increasing ridership by 50% by the year 2020.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who sent letters, contacted councillors and attended meetings.

(short) history of transit fares in Kamloops

1995 = $1.00
2011 = $2.25

in other the lifetime of someone graduating high school this year transit fares have increased 125%