17. June 2017 - 21:30
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Sky Full of Lighters | Saturday, 17. June 2017


*The purpose of this event is to bring people together and create great memories. It poses serious threats to the environment if conducted in the city of Toronto. Efforts are made to determine the outcome of this event. As much as we love the idea of this event, we have to be persistent with not litering and endangering animals, or harming the environment. If we can find a safe and eco way to conduct this event, and also clean up the waste, we will be happy to continue. Please stay tuned and have patience. All suggestions are welcome.*

Various legends talk about the origins of the Lantern Festivals as being a symbol of growth and break through.

A long time ago, people would write their wishes and dreams on the lanterns in the hopes that they will reach heaven. And once the Gods will give their blessings, their dreams would become true.

Today, we want to get together and celebrate our failures, successes, friends, family, career and love and humanity.

"Sky Full of Lighters" is for the ones who live an unapologetic life.
It's for the dreamers and the doers.
The working single moms and dads.
Those who stand up for what's right.
And finally, those who manifest change in this world!
For YOU!

Join us for a night of fun and celebration, where we light up the sky and recreate magic on Earth.

Andrina Stan

*This event is part of Live. Life. Through Your Senses. series, where we come together to experience life through our senses, and build life lastig memories. It is for all of you amazing people, who want to experience life through your primary and intelectual senses.*
  • Want to see this!
  • Nour Shehabi we should go!
  • https://www.facebook.com/blogto/posts/10153461182670009
  • Sounds amazing but super busy lol I watched your video ....it's not funny that children had their **** burned but there is specific instructions and as a parent they should be assuring the safety of their kids and they wouldn't be burnt.
  • This looks so cool come out my Toronto friends and join me
  • Jas Singh we going
  • I will be there inshalla to enjoy.
  • I was looking forward to this:((( too bad it's been cancelled:((((
  • Hey, it's Andrina, the organizer of the event Sky Full of Lighters. Thanks for RSVPing. Unfortunately the event is on pause/ with that many RSVPs the lanterns pose a danger to us, the city and the environment. Even if we were to light up one lantern and release it as a symbol of awareness for the environment, the city considers it too risky in case one nutshell decides to bring their own lantern and light it up. The event page is still up because people have suggested that we come up with other ways to create long lasting moments. There will be other events this summer, ex: hi5run, k9 run/walk, dance in the park, live music on the beach. You can stay in touch via www.facebook.com/andrina.stan and attend other great events happening in the city. 1❤️TO Andrina Stan Full video story: https://www.facebook.com/andrina.stan/videos/o.492588500924875/10154208433942578/?type=2&theater
  • http://www.theguardian.com/environment/ethicallivingblog/2009/jul/31/sky-lanterns
  • This event is cancelled for Toronto. The video explains what has happened in the last 48 hrs. ❤️ I appreciate all your comments, or #CANClimateChange
  • Bryce Allen
  • Gomathy RK
  • Inna Syvan
  • Inna Syvan
  • Stumbled upon this last year. Very cool.
  • Yay!!!! Dream come true!
  • Just hoping everyone is considering where these lanterns end up coming down... As litter in our waterways.
  • Just read and found out they are biodegradable. I'm glad someone thought this through. Other events around the world haven't.
  • Do we need to purchase ticket? Where can we purchase the ticket?
  • My kids and I are excited for this event!!
  • http://www.blogto.com/sports_play/2016/04/torontos_waterfront_to_be_set_aglow_with_lanterns/
  • Open Air Burn Permits?
  • Can you make it on a weekend he he he..I work at night till 11:00pm weekdays.. I'm really interested to see this event. :(