06. February 2019 - 20:00
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The SILVA METHOD in Great Britain - (2019) | United Kingdom | Wednesday, 06. February 2019

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Read on for the third message from JUNE KIDD, our Silva Ambassador (click here to see her profile on www.silvamethod.uk.com).
June Kidd is a writer and author of several books. 

Life, like a patchwork quilt, is made up of challenges and hopefully, solutions!
There is no one alive who has not collected emotional ‘baggage’ along the way with embarrassment and resentment, high on the list; memories that when recalled, still have the power to manipulate and have you squirming on the hook.
You might still blame yourself for something that, because of the inexperience of youth, you allowed yourself to be manipulated into doing, or saying, that you knew, deep down, was at the very least, questionable.
You might seek help in dealing with that one particular problem. You might solve it, take a deep breath and think that’s it, everything is fine again - but that’s like learning to play one tune. You never know when you will be challenged to read music!
Is that all you want in your life, one success, grateful just to cope? If that’s what you settle for - then that’s what you will get as the Universe, obeying your innermost focus, delivers more of the same.
But you are worth so much more, so why limit yourself?
Once you have taken the full Silva Method training, you (and your children) will be able to cope more confidently and efficiently with any challenges that come your way and able then, to take full advantage of advanced and selective courses.
You become part of a family of forward looking people. You will be creating a better world with less negativity as you rewrite your past (viewed from a different angle) and create an ever expanding joyful future, knowing you have the mental tools to cope.
Make the rest of your life be the best of your life. June Kidd.
May the rest of your life be the best of your life!
Better and Better.
June Kidd. 

17th February 2018
“Manifesting with SilvaBeyond Imagination” is available Kindle, Kobo on Amazon  and paper back from www.lulu.com
Translated from English into Spanish and Turkish. (Hungarian translation is in progress.)
Also, "You, the Human Magnet." (on Amazon and Lulu) It is time to use our powers wisely and dismantle this parasite called fear" J.K.
Please visit my web: www.junekidd.com
All of June’s books are  available from Amazon and Lulu

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Better and better
Gabriel & The Silva-GB Team 

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