29. February 2020 - 14:00 till 17:00
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Procrastination Society Annual Executive Meeting | Saturday, 29. February 2020

Well it's that time of the decade again so it's time for our annual meeting. As President of the Procrastination Society (well I will be once I actually join the club and run for top spot) I would like extend an invitation to you, our valued memberr (I'll get around to removing that extra "r" later), to the Anual Executive Meeting. (My ******* letter between "B" and "M" is broke)

What has made you an executive in mankind's oldest and most prestigious club? The fact that you have not yet gotten around to even applying for membership, and as your President I would like to personally thank you for not inundating me with the paperwork.

The agenda for this meeting will be determined at next year's gathering. Please don't come prepared.

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