14. April 2018 - 10:00 till 17:00

The Labyrinth of Lad | Saturday, 14. April 2018

Outdoor Dag Event.
Cost $5
Feast included.
  • Event location will be coming in a few days.
  • A tall man wearing a strange and ragged cloak approaches you. He moves with an ethereal gate, but his walking stick noisily clanks upon the ground with each step. He pauses for a moment, sizing you up before he speaks. “Ah, dear friend, would you stay for a moment and listen to an old sailor regale you with a tale of booty and plunder? There is a place where rumors abound. An ancient tower ruinous, cavernous, and dank; it rests at the bottom of Shipkiller Bay. It's crenellations peek out from the foaming depths like the sun-bleached teeth of a monstrous skeleton. After many years left undisturbed, the tower has now become the object of desire for all manner of adventurers. Each one drawn to those underwater ruins by the promise of gold, relics, and secrets from before the moon fell. No one knows what treasures await amongst the depths of its vast labyrinth. Surely, the lust for battle, glory, and plunder are too great a prize for any stalwart soul to overlook. Oh my, the promise of wealth and power spurns even these old bones to youthful exuberance. Pray tell, dear friend, would you be willing to plunge beneath the inky waves in search of such a prize?”