12. November 2017 - 16:00
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IVN on Earth-Hemp Eco-Villaging Project, Regeneration | Sunday, 12. November 2017

Potluck and dicussion with Hemp at our roots and tasty buds
  • Hia Hempters... Siobhan here. Inviting you to join me this Sunday the 21st at 11am-4pm, for brunch potluck and community building time. Brunch will start at 12pm and will be followed by crafts and chatting. Bring your current project and please share if you are in search of materials of any kind that the community can share with you!!! PM me for the address and to RSVP any questions. Blissings
  • Hempluck, December 24th is cancelled for Holiday events. Will resume biweekly potlucks January 7th, location to be determined. If you are interested in Hosting, please contact the Village.
  • THIS SUNDAY!!! LOCATION CHANGE! 424 11th Ave NE Unit 4 Still same time 4pm-7pm. Kid friendly space with 2 extra bedrooms they can hang out in if they need space from the grownups.