07. February 2106 - 1:28
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IN LOVING MEMORY OF MAXINE AWAD | Sunday, 07. February 2106

* Update: *

Services will be held at

DeMarco Funeral Home
3725 Keele Street
Toronto, ON

Thursday May 17, 2012
5:00PM - 9:00PM

Friday May 18, 2012
11AM - End


Hello Everyone,

I am creating a photomontage for the Awad family in Maxine's memory to be displayed at the funeral home once a date has been set. You can also check here for details on funeral home location, time and date once it has been arranged.

If I may kindly ask that you forward me any pictures you wish to be displayed in memory of our dear friend it would be greatly appreciated, as the family wants not only their memories to be shared but yours as well.

You can either upload them to this page (I have left it open for all of you to invite others and upload photos). As well, you will find my contact information below so we can arrange a meeting time with any physical photos so that I may scan them and include them in her memory.

*all photos will definitely be returned to their rightful owners*

At moments like this it is granted that we all come together in support of each other in this trying time.

I ask that all photos be provided by the evening of Wednesday May 16, 2012.

On behalf of the Awad family,

Your prayers, love, kindness and condolences are much appreciated.


Jessica Torres
  • I miss you 😓
  • **** I think of how long we knew each other and i still think about how many more memories we could of shared. How many laughs we could of had especially laughing at ppl 😂. I miss your laugh I still hear it sometimes and I always smile. Its not the anniversaries, birthdays, or any special holidays that get me....its these moments when I miss u most knowing that you would have a smart *** comment, ready to take off an adventure, remind me I'm better than this or just cuss me stink so I know I'm being an ***. Miss you ****. Don't worry I didn't punk out im still gonna keep my promise.
  • I miss you. Still feels like yesterday. Sigh....
  • Still ain't the same without u!!!!
  • God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can. And wisdom to know the difference. 🙇🕆🕊
  • Mañana será un año más sin ti,5 en total...y aún no sé vivir sin ti. Cada cosa nueva que pasa. Buena o mala, quisiera contártela y hacerte reír,enojar o simplemente escuchar tu opinión, al final de cuentas, siempre acabábamos arreglando el mundo y reíamos. Me duele el alma al ver que es la única llamada que no puedo hacer...a veces hablo sola por la calle ( contigo por supuesto) y río, pues *** la nueva tecnología, ni cuenta se da la gente que no hablo por teléfono. Quiero que sepas que a pesar de extrañarte tanto, hemos tratado de vivir lo mejor posible aunque alguna a veces no pueda hacerlo muy bien...te escribo desde hoy, porque quiero hacerte saber que hasta en Roma mañana se celebrará la santa Misa por ti, pues nuestro querido amigo el padre José Antonio, se encuentra allá y tu tia María Cecilia te la mandó a celebrar por tu aniversario, será a las 12 de la noche de hoy, por la diferencia de horas y asistirán muchos sacerdotes y novicios, así como estudiantes. Ya vez? Me dijiste que un día serias famosa y ya llegaste a Roma! Y como si fuera poco, desde que naciste, al igual que tu otras hermanas, me hicieron famosa a mi también. Mañana trataré de visitarte y contarte muchas cosas más. Hasta pronto mi amor ❤️❤️😘😍 te amo, o mejor dicho, Te Amamos!
  • Miss you
  • Tus er mosos oji tos los com paro *** el ver de marino keer mosura de mu jer ma ma si ta
  • hey **** going through some **** need your strength right now. eventually i will lose my **** and someone is gonna catch one. keep your hand on my shoulder
  • Hi Max, I bet you didn't know that I needed to talk to you in this day. well .. I have to ask you for a big hug, this time not for me... it's for my friend Luz patricia Tuttle, she did departed from here and I really hope you see her over there and guide her because she is new... I bet she will be felling lost at this very moment. We study together and graduated at the same school we were 42 and she is the first to go...she was an amazing friend, never complained or asking for anything. Please take good care of her and please... don't forget to visit me on my dreams... miss you very much 😘😘😘
  • It's been a rough few days down here...I find myself missing you a little extra today. It's heartbreaking to see the faces of people grieving the way we did the day we laid you to rest. Those feelings of confusion, anger, hopelessness, despair and at the same time Numbness. I wish I could make those feelings go away 😡 Bills and daily stressors disappear and for a moment we realize what's really important in life. I've held on to that feeling and your final lesson to me as my sister...this too shall pass and when it does be sure to remember what's really important in this short journey we call Life. Love you Max!
  • Happy Birthday Max. Xoxo
  • Happy Birthday Maxine! I miss you and think about you all the time... love you always and forever ❤️
  • This year we cheers you on a beach♡ see on the beach tomorrow♡
  • Happy birthday beautiful. ❤️
  • Happy 30th sugar . I wish you were here to celebrate . when we were younger we never imagined being 30 lol and you were always exactly one month older ha!!. Love you so much and miss you beyond words. I'll have a shot for you Bella xo
  • Happy birthday gorgeous. Missing you like always wish you were here to celebrate with us. Trying to get through this day without tears. So having my first birthday shot with you love u ****
  • Happy dirty thirties♡ missing you always ****♡
  • Nunca olvidada y siempre amada sigue durmiendo el sueño eterno...
  • Happy happy birtbday queen. Hope ur doing ur thing n celebrating ur day! I will be. Love you, miss you always. 💜💜
  • Time flies and with it memories of your smile. I hate that it gets harder to remember your laugh, your voice, your hugs that engulfed me and made me feel safe and protected even though I was the "big" sister. I miss you... Always more than yesterday but never more than tomorrow. The void will never be filled and my heart will forever be broken... But the show must go on. See you soon baboon 😘
  • Three days away. I miss you girl. You were one of the few ppl I could actually talk to that got me know. I know your watching our antics and keeping us safe. I'm sad cuz walking down my hallway and seeing all these memories all these ppl we shared half our if with and now it's just a hi in pasing glance. Just miss the days when we all used to just laugh and have a good time. So on your day I'll celebrate with your sis and anyone else who wishes to b present and laugh and joke and make more amazing memories.
  • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dJD217Y67aA