31. October 2027 - 23:30
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Halloween Lunar Eclipse Viewing Party! | Sunday, 31. October 2027

Please note: The actual date will be Oct. 31, 2096, but Facebook doesn't let you make events that far in the future.

This date may be subject to change. Things like astronomical events that disrupt the rotation of Earth, or the orbit of the moon. More likely, our society may adopt a new calendar by 2096. Stay posted for updates.

This will be the next lunar eclipse to take place on Halloween! I'm sure we'll all be getting other party invites, but it would be great if we could all be together!

Party location will be announced closer to the date. We are big kid and friendly dog friendly. Open invite (within reason).

Pumpkin carving and costume contest will be judged before the actual eclipse. That way we can take pictures of the winners with their trophies under the eclipse!