19. July 2019 - 19:30 till 22:30
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GOTLAND NIGHTS: Local Heroes | | Friday, 19. July 2019

The Designers on Holiday project, which takes place every year on the outskirts of farms and fields in the tiny village of Ala, will be opening once more to creative campers and Gotlandic holidaymakers! We invite you to join us for our LOCAL HEROES - our first public supper club series of the season - for some campfire cooking as we serve up a feast using all of the wonderful ingredients that this lovely Baltic island has to offer! 
Take a look at our menu, book your ticket in advance and bring your own booze!
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Kattharsmarsvik Rokeri smoked shellfish, caper mayonaise, artisanal Gotlandic bread
(Vegan/veggie option: Vegetable pate with caper salad, artisanal Gotlandic bread)
Roast lamb, strawberry sauce, Gotland-beer-baked potatoes, local greens
(Vegan/veggine option, strawberry nut roast, Gotland beer baked potatoes, local greens)
Saffron cake with foraged juniper jam (vegan/veggie)
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