23. February 2018 - 18:00
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Free Online Homeschool Retreat - They Call Me Blessed & Friends! | Friday, 23. February 2018

Let's kick the winter blues with another amazing free homeschool online retreat!!

Can I hear some YAYs?!! :D

The celebration will start on Friday 02/23/18 at 6 pm and it will end on Saturday, 02/24 at 9 pm EST with some fun games and giveaways!

During the event, several amazing homeschool bloggers and former homeschool moms will be sharing their wisdom and expertise in many homeschool related topics with us through videos or live Facebook broadcasts.

Speakers & Schedule TBA.

Please, make sure you share this event with all your homeschool friends!

And let's keep growing together and encouraging one another! ;)

  • Live now with Jill Camacho from Autism Homeschool ****
  • Live now!! How to maintain homeschool focus for the long haul with Tiffany Andrews at Outmatched ****.
  • Live now with Jeannie Fulbright! s talk about a Charlotte Mason education and notebooking!
  • Happening now!!! <3
  • Chronic Illness and Homeschooling
  • Miss any of the session on They Call Me Blessed's Facebook page? Find the link to the replay here: FRIDAY Ana Willis at They Call Me Blessed - Homeschool Troubleshooting, how to find and fix the foundational problems in our homeschool - https://www.facebook.com/theycallmeblessedblog/videos/1786078485028942/ Kay Dayfoor Chance at Cultivate My Heart - 3 Keys to Your Child's Heart for Christian Homeschool Moms - https://www.facebook.com/theycallmeblessedblog/videos/1786153408354783/ Dachelle McVey at Hide The Chocolate - How to Inspire Your Kids to Love to Read - https://www.facebook.com/theycallmeblessedblog/videos/1786210778349046/ Danielle Papageorgiou at WINGS Lifeschooling Conference and Activities Fair - Life of a Lifeschooler - https://www.facebook.com/theycallmeblessedblog/videos/1786244605012330/ Ana Willis - Evening Wrap Up and Sessions High Lights - https://www.facebook.com/theycallmeblessedblog/videos/1786267381676719/
  • Happening now!
  • We have started!!! Meet us on They Call Me Blessed FB page! :) <3
  • If you're new to They Call Me Blessed, start here! <3 https://www.theycallmeblessed.org/about-they-call-me-blessed/
  • My daily routine! <3
  • While you wait for this party to get started, go grab some goodies!! https://www.theycallmeblessed.org/freebies/
  • Here is our schedule for tonight!! :D Are you excited? 6:00 PM Ana Willis at www.theycallmeblessed.org 7:00 PM Kay Defoor Chance at cultivatemyheart.com 8:00 PM Dachelle Mayfield McVey at hidethechocolate.com 9:00 PM Danielle Papageorgiou at www.lifeschoolingconference.com
  • I'm excited for this! Friday was going to be a hard day and now it will be a little bit better. My grandma passed away a few weeks ago and Friday would have been her 94th birthday đŸ˜ª
  • Sometimes we just need this reminder. His plans for us are for peace and not turmoil, not chaos.
  • One of the things I love the most about events like these is that we get to meet so many other homeschool moms!! Take a minute to say hello and let us know where you live and where you are in your homeschool journey. <3
  • We're going through an awesome homeschool organization challenge in one of our Facebook groups right now. Want to join us? Click here! https://www.facebook.com/groups/homeschoolorganization/
  • Want to have a taste of what to expect next weekend? This is how we kicked off the last online homeschool retreat. :) Tips to Have Your Best Homeschool Years https://www.facebook.com/events/290110168067250/permalink/323797751365158/
  • Want to be a happy homeschool mom? This manifesto helped me to be a much better and happier homeschool mom! https://www.theycallmeblessed.org/successful-homeschool-mom/
  • Our online retreat is coming up in just 6 days!!! It's time to reignite that flame in our hearts after a season of homeschool slump. <3