22. December 2023 - 0:00
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Fredericton High School 2003 - 10 YEAR REUNION | Friday, 22. December 2023

The class of 2003's 10 year high school reunion has had to be cancelled/rescheduled.

New date and time TBD.

Happy Holidays!!
  • What time does it start at?
  • I'm all in for our 20 year reunion. I have a suggestion that we do something that's like over a weekend or a week during the summer and that there are multiple events & different types of events. If it's over more days people could come from out of town and get to go to at leastone or two events. Not everyone probably could make it for just one day. Lots of reunions are done this way. We could have bbq's, pool or beach parties, bonfires, some stuff for people with kids, a big fancy dinner, we will be pretty old by then so not sure about hitting the bars so maybe a cocktail night lol, or the bars for nostalgia. I think it could be a lot of fun that way. People could pick and choose what they want to attend. This is 8 years in advance but 8 years for people to think about it haha.
  • Hi everyone, Lots of you will have heard of M. Bellefleur's passing by now. I'd like to send flowers on behalf of the Class of 2003. If anyone would like to contribute to a flower arrangement (before Wednesday) send me a DM or email: kelseylseymour@gmail.com? And if you'd like to contribute or leave condolences on your own, here is the obituary page at McAdam's Funeral Home. Take care, Kelsey
  • What's the status on zeee party ?
  • I'm pretty sure we are all aware that I was never a mathlete, but I'm fairly certain that the 10 year was a few numbers back. If I'm in the country this Christmas I will totally tip a pint!
  • Tonight is our big Halloween party at the Irock, Giving away $1000 cash to the best costume & $250 for the sexiest costume. Be sure to come out and party tonight before we`re gone for good! Come socialize the real way tonight, and not be on your phones. Actually have a good time & be sociable **** to **** before that lost art is forgotten about!
  • A big thanks to Sky Perls, Nick James, Jason Airst, Colin Dolan, Will Invincible Brewer, Margaret George, Stephanie Jill Lanteigne and Leigh Buckley for your purchases this week!!! Only 2 days left to make this happen folks! PM me if you are 100% committed to coming but are unable for some reason to purchase your tickets in the next couple of days. Thanks and have a great weekend everyone!!
  • A big thanks to the following grads for buying their ticket/s over the last couple of weeks! Keep 'em coming guys! We only have 4 more days to make this happen! Eva Monson, Kelsey Seymour, Julie Scovil, Rylan Melles, Chris Brown, Evan Boyse, Mike Wright, Jenny Booker, Nicole Young, Heidi Rose, Graeme Blake, Erin Barton, Sarah L Robinson, Heather Webb, Andrew MacLean, Dave Lawrence
  • Lets do this everyone, get more invites out to people, we definitely had more than 288 in our grad class! Use the year book to find everyone, and try to either FB them or look them up by other means & get info to them! It only happens every 10yrs, so lets have a wicked first reunion!!!!!
  • Hi all. We're going to have to ask that you pre-pay for your reunion tickets ($25/person) before December 1. Only 11 tickets have been purchased so far and we need to sell over 100 to break even. This means that we will have to reschedule the event for another time if we can't sell 100 more tickets in the next few weeks. You can pay by eTransfer to frederictonhighreunion2003@gmail.com. If you need more time, but can commit to buying a ticket, please send me (or Kelsey Seymour) a direct message.
  • I would love to be there but I won't be coming home anymore for Christmas. Have s drink (or ten) for me!
  • I confirmed I am going, but won't really know until the day comes. I'll still buy a ticket and everything. I will be 35+weeks pregnant. So it will just depend on how I feel at that time. Are the tickets $25 per person or per couple? Are spouses invited (I'm assuming)? But just checking, as I'm sure there is limited space.
  • I dunno how to invite people, laugh it up, however I'm going to post intermittently and try to generate interest. I suggest people living back home canvass door to door. I'll get a serious saggy bone if we cancel this due to lack of interest.
  • Hello all! Just wanted to fill everyone in on reunion plans so far. The bank account is set up and tickets are for sale. You can pay by e-transfer or cash. E-transfers can be sent to frederictonhighreunion2003@gmail.com. Tickets are $25 which includes one free drink and lots of free appetizers. The amazing DJ Noematus has been confirmed to play for the night! We have lots of fun ideas on the go for the evening but still working through them...any ideas very welcome!!! We will see how sales go over the next month or so...hopefully we can make this thing happen. If not, I will return everyones money and we will have to reschedule for another time....hopefully won't be the case!! Every week or so I will post who is confirmed so everyone knows who to expect. A $500 deposit has been paid so hopefully a lot of you are on board for this party!! I'm still looking for volunteers! Anything you can bring to the table...big or small... would be greatly appreciated...it is a LOT of work. I will keep updating you as plans progress!!! Thanks everyone and have a good week!
  • Hey guys! If you get a chance could you scroll through your friends list and send an invite to anyone you know that we graduated with isn't a part of this page? There are still quite a number of people on our list who haven't been contacted and it would be a great help! Thanks!
  • Hello all! So far we're not doing to great on sales! Let's pick it up over the next few weeks so I can start feeling more confident about all these plans in the works!!! Thanks and have a great week!!
  • Hello all! My facebook account was hacked so our reunion event was unfortunately deleted! I have confirmed the date and time with the venue. It would really help if you could invite guests who were previously on the list because I have a limited friends list on my new account! Thanks so much! I will also be looking for different committee members to hop on board the planning train with me! If you would like to volunteer please inbox me or let me know! See you all soon!
  • too bad it didn't happen. I missed the part where I needed to buy a ticket, sorry. I wouldn't have made it anyways due to weather/me friggin up my leg the last day of work. I think summer is a better time anyways, as the window is larger. Xmas time is tight for those not still in the area
  • Thank you Matt & Heather Webb , Sarah L Robinson & Erin Barton for your purchases this week!! Keep em coming guys...we need to sell about 100 more to make this happen!! :)
  • THANK YOU to an anonymous classmate who just sent us a huge donation without even being able to attend our reunion. You are amazing. Keep the monies flowing, folks. E-transfer your payments to: frederictonhighreunion2003@gmail.com
  • Has any official effort been made to reach people outside of facebook. The vast majority of ppl invited to this are the former "popular" clique from high school.
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  • *****REUNION CANCELLED(FOR NOW)***** Hello all, Thanks to everyone who has bought tickets or contacted us to confirm ticket purchases over the past few weeks. Unfortunately we did not reach our numbers to make it happen. We will keep the page going and hopefully get more people on board to have the reunion next Spring/Summer. To all those people who bought tickets, you will be getting a refund sometime this week. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped contact our grads! Hopefully we can make this happen in the near future. Hope everyone has a great holiday!
  • I think a reunion is a amazing idea . what is going on with the ticket things is there enough sold that it will still be going on . I will buy a ticket but wanna make sure its still going on
  • Also, for anyone interested in a hotel for the night they have a special on for us. Regular rooms: $79 Suites: $109. There are rooms blocked off for us under FHS CLASS 2003.