01. January 2020 - 1:00 till 4:00
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Carleton Centre for Study of Islam- 10 Dollars Campaign | Wednesday, 01. January 2020

For the last three years we started up the Carleton Centre for Study of Islam. The centre is house at the prestigious College of Humanities at Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Through grassroots donations, starting from 10 dollars donated from people of all walks of life, we were able to hire a new professor, offer over 10 courses in Islam, a minor in Islamic studies and a master in Religion and Public Life. In the last three years over one thousand university students from diverse background, Muslim and non-Muslim, have been exposed to Islam. In addition to the academic rigours the Centre offers public lecture series by prominent Islamic scholars.

Should you care about the future of Islam in the West, join us by contributing “no donation is small every dollar helps”

Your generosity is making a difference in projecting a positive image about Islam. Please read below an unedited student testimony (name and coordinates removed for privacy protection)

Donation can be made on-line to Carleton University:

1- Select " friends of university" (last option)
2- Fill in your personal information
3- in the form make sureto select "School/Department" and to pick “Centre for the Study of Islam” from the drop down list.

Student testimony

Personally I would say:
The classes I have taken regarding Islam, and Muslim studies have impacted me much more than words could ever try to describe. The impact is seen in my life regarding my friendships, family relationships, attitude towards life, behaviour, and my relationship with my own existence, and the existence of the world "apart" from me. Before I took these classes, which all started from the introductory Religion class about Judaism Christianity and Islam and continued from there thankfully, I had very little interest in my classes, let alone the idea of going to school, although it seemed like the right thing to do. I can go as far as saying I was lost in the world, trying hard to find meaning and purpose, and looking for that without understanding what kind of purpose I was looking for, and whether there was one at all. I cannot pin point whether I began taking life seriously, or life began taking me seriously, but I found my way into that introductory class, and slowly but surely, almost without realizing it, life began changing. After that first class I changed my major from Pyschology to Religion with a minor in Muslim studies, and the classes I have taken since, which include Islam, Islam in the Modern World, Sufism, a Rumi seminar, Classical Muslim Thought part I, The Life and Image of the Prophet, The Qur'an, and more this coming year hopefully, have been eye, ear, and heart opening, life changing, and sincere experiences, which I thank my blessings for everyday. My life direction since has turned onto a different path, and it is in many ways because of the professors, but what these classes are teaching are so important and so wonderful that I feel it is a necessity, for our minds bodies and souls to survive in the purest way, to learn as much as we can about Islam