01. January 2020 - 0:00
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A Barbara Walters New Years | Barb's House | Wednesday, 01. January 2020

Come reign in the year of Barbara Walters like the bad ***** she is!
  • 780 days my friends. Order your pantsuits now to beat the rush.
  • The official countdown begins! A Barbara Walters New Years is exactly 1000 days from today!
  • Hope I didn't RSVP too late! It's almost here!
  • Just over four years until the big event!
  • Today, take a moment, pause, think Barbara.
  • Someone just said "by the year 2020" and I thought of this. SO CLOSE!
  • I think I'm going to start pantsuit shopping now, just to get an idea of prices, so I can jump when a deal comes up.
  • This may be best thing on the internet:
  • Less than 6 years. I can't wait!!!!!!!
  • 6 years. 11 days. 7 hours.
  • Guys, I'm going to be 31 when this happens.
  • 2275 days!