29. July 2018 - 18:00 till 21:00
the man cave!! (my backyard ahaha)
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The Badass Boys BeerBQ No ******* No Witches No Baths | Sunday, 29. July 2018

Yoooo what's good boys?

Time for the fourth annual BBBBQNBNWNB! Hope you guys are not still to f@#ked up from last time to come this year! Were gonna be cookin' up some dope **** while getting that summer tan listening Sugar Ray (if I can find my CD) and drinking some ice cold brewskis. Buds with the buds eeeehhhh ahahaha

I need you guys to bring the meat and beer and whatever. I'm paying for the propane refill to light the bbq plus I'm letting you guys crash on my foo Ton if **** gets wild so I've done my part. And yo whoever brought salad last time (you know who you are) dont bring that again you ***** *** beetch aha

If some of you guys are planning on lighting up some cherry banana smoke on your vape pens thats sick but you cant do it in my backyard you have to walk to the park and do it cus my mom might be upstairs

this invite is for THE BOYS only! if anyone else shows up uninvited you will be evicted from the premisis so dont even try lol. My dad's second cousin is a cop so yeah just saying

its gonna be a sick time boys and I honestly wont even be able to sleep till the day of cause I'm gonna be so psyched but I swear I wont puke like last time cause I wasn't feeling well cause I ate something creamy that morning from 7/11 and it activated my family history of stomach problems when I drank that Corona. ty again for the boys who came with me to the hospital what a crazy *** night LOL

rsvp soon af I need to know how many cups to buy from loblaws for drinks