27. May 2018 - 10:00 till 16:00
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2nd Annual Turtle Beach Hike & Clean-up | Sham Wan Beach | Sunday, 27. May 2018

Turtle Beach Cleanup & Hike - Lamma Island - VERY EASY 1.5

WHEN: Sunday, 27th May 2018; 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
START: Central Pier No.4, Take 10:20am ferry to Sok Kwu *****

We need hiking volunteers that "Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk" and are willing to hike to Turtle Beach (Sham ***** - Lamma Island) and clean the trash off the beach before the turtles lay their eggs.

Turtle Beach (Sham *****) on Lamma Island (pictured above) is closed to the public every year from the end of May until the end of October. This will be our last chance to visit the beach prior to it being closed to the public three days later. We will take this opportunity to clean up the beach and remove any debris that could endanger the nesting of the turtles also whilst we are there.

This is a truly magical place and the only regular nesting beach for the green sea turtles so this will provide you with an opportunity to help protect an endangered species; keep Hong Kong that little bit cleaner, as well as a hike to this wonderful and remote beach. Please sign up to help keep our home clean!

Schedule for the day:
• Meet outside Pier 4 in Central at 10:00 am.

• Take 10:20 am ferry to Sok Kwu ***** (left-hand side of the pier).

• Regroup at Sok Kwu ***** to start the hike towards Sham ***** Beach.

• Easy, scenic hike through Mo Tat, Yung Shue Ha, and to Sham *****. The hike should take around an hour. Please bring at least 2 liters of water and/or energy drink with you, as well as sunblock and a hat. Even though we'll be at a beach, please wear appropriate hiking clothes, ie: don't wear sandals!

• Arrive at Sham ***** beach around 12:00AM and start CLEANING!!!! We'll spend about 2 to 2 1/2 hours beautifying the beach. Additionally, we will be traveling through a three-hundred-year-old village and will have a chance to visit a rare "air raid" shelter built by the Japanese during World War Two

• There are frequent ferries back to Central ferry pier from Sok Kwu ***** Pier should you wish to leave early (2:35PM, 4:05PM & 5:35PM - allow 1 hour to arrive at ferry pier from Sham *****)

PADS Rating:
Pace: 1.0 (family walk suitable for a family day out)
Ascent: 2 (expected to be under 250m)
Distance: 2.0 (estimated 5km)
Surface: 1.0 (paved path, ending in a beautiful beach)
Overall: 1.5 (Very Easy)

• Please ensure you bring sufficient snacks and water to last you for 3-4 hours of outdoor activity.

• Please take all safety precautions by wearing appropriate clothing/shoes and bringing any other necessary personal items.

• Intended participants should consider carefully whether they wish to take part in the event as no accident insurance will be provided. Therefore, in case of an accident, the organizer will not bear any legal liability.

• The Environmental and Hygiene Department will provide the necessary gloves and garbage bags in support of the cleanup.

(Images - AFCD & HKFP)