28. November 2018 - 10:00 till 12:30
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She-Enjoys... Coffee, Cake & Coaching | Northamptonshire County Golf Club | Wednesday, 28. November 2018

Do you ever wish you could be part of a mastermind group, but can’t afford it? We're a determined entrepreneurial network of successful business women who meet to inspire, mentor and support other like-minded business women (and eat, drink and be merry)! In friendly tables of 4, up to 30 talented business women do what women do best; listen, empathise, troubleshoot, coach each other with guided questions and learn from world-class experts through ‘business themed’ 30 minute presentations. We create strategies, implement plans and support each other's lives and business vision! You'll love it!
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Theme: Negotiating Tricky Situations & PeopleEven as business owning adults (in fact, especially as business owning adults), we sometimes come across a situation that we are simply unsure about, fearful of, emotionally attached to the outcome of, or just simply it be great to have the 'emotionless' communication ability to resolve them and come out on top!This half an hour of exploration will give you 'self coaching' tools to be able to remove yourself and see a situation with multiple perspectives to come up with the very best win, win solution. Not to be missed if you sell, negotiate or manage customer services for your business!THE womens only group coaching event for business women just like you! Come along and enjoy Vivienne Joy's unique approach to personal development, business skills upgrading and collaborative, fun networking!