10. December 2019 - 16:30 till 18:30
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Children's Under 14's Drawing & Painting with Loren Somerville. | Cheshire Art Hub | Tuesday, 10. December 2019

Are your Children Creative and LOVE Art? Bring them along to the Cheshire Art Hub. We specialise in running professional art workshops for children and adults.
Our Children's Under 14's (5-14 years old) Drawing & Painting workshop is taught by Loren Somerville who is a professional artist and previously worked locally as an art teacher. Your children will learn a wide range of technical drawing and painting skills with imagery they love! Whether your child loves animals, landscapes, animation, video games or cars! Our workshops are designed to give your children the ability to paint difficult images in a range of mediums including acrylic paint, watercolour, pens, pencils and pastels. The results are gaunteed to impress your family and friends! 
For all enquires please contact the Cheshire Art Hub on 01829 771993 or email us at info@cheshirearthub.com.