07. April 2018 - 20:00
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Buck & Doe for Rachel Hopkins and Tyler Becker | Chesley Community Ctr | Saturday, 07. April 2018

Come out to celebrate and support these lovebirds as they get ready to tie the knot! There will be lots of games and prizes.

Tickets are now available from the wedding party!

Kristen Schnurr
Jordan Whitmore
Laura Steffler
Jodi Teeter
Melinda Bell
Samantha Fairminer

Jason Becker
Kyle Heard
Allen Fortune
Ryan Luce

Also available from:
Patsy Becker
Deanna Sulkye

We will see you there!
  • Hey everyone!!!! With the day getting closer and closer make sure you get your tickets so you don’t miss out!!! Message me and I can come around with tickets for anyone who still needs them!!! Don’t miss out on a chance to celebrate this amazing couple💜💙
  • Happy Valentines Day!! JUST LOOK at these love birds! Make SURE you have ur tickets by now to witness their love in person (it’s contagious and if u r single I guarantee u will meet ur soul mate on April 7th!) 💕 #beckerlatethannever #forbeckerorforworse
  • Who still needs tickets!!!!! 2 FREAKING MONTHS PEOPLE 😱 #beckerlatethannever #forbeckerorforworse
  • People!!! ONLY FOUR MONTHS until the event of 2018!!! Get in touch with a member of the wedding party for your tickets! They make excellent stocking stuffers! DM me!! This event WILL SELL OUT!
  • Ola friends! Still looking for the perfect stocking stuffer after scooping up all those Black Friday deals? Well how about a Buck & Doe for Rachel Hopkins and Tyler Becker ticket!? They are both a pretty and practical gift that will ENSURE that your loved one gets in! #BeckerLateThanNever DM me and I will ensure one (or multiple) ticket(s) is (are) delivered at your convenience! Peace and love xo
  • For all you JDSS folks pretty sure this is going to be an Out Back Reunion
  • Can’t wait to meet all of you amazing friends of Laura. I’ve only heard the best things about y’all ❤️🤗