30. March 2019 - 12:00
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IEX 2019 | Delta Hotels by Marriott Prince Edward | Saturday, 30. March 2019

Prince Edward Island — Maine Group is delighted to announce the launch of the Island Entertainment Expo (IEX). Our first event will be held in the Spring of 2019 at the Prince Edward Island Convention Centre in downtown Charlottetown. We can also confirm that we’ve agreed to an initial three-year contract to make IEX an annual event on PEI. We have dates for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

So what is IEX? The Island Entertainment Expo will be a full-scale fan convention focused on the entertainment industry. The event will focus on several key industries including gaming, music, movies, television and literature. Just like a regular fan convention, you can expect an array of displays, merchandise, events, activities, panels, talks, workshops and of course, special guests. IEX will be produced with a family friendly experience in mind. Our aim is to create an atmosphere suitable for everyone. Whether you are a ***-goer or not, this event will have something for you. Naturally we’ll be encouraging people to cosplay at the event. In fact, we will be offering a significant discount on tickets to those who decide to come in character!

Nothing of this size and scale has been attempted on PEI before, but luckily we have the experience to make it a reality. Maine Group has experience in producing fan conventions in the New York, London and Toronto regions. That’s backed with over 10 years in event production. Not only do we have experience in key cities across the western world, we’re also familiar with the Island. Maine Group is located on PEI allowing us to truly create an event tailored for Islanders. — We look forward to sharing more information with you in the months to come.

Our full website will launch in early 2018.