20. January 2018 - 12:00 till 15:00

Women's March Canada - Calgary March | Calgary, Alberta | Saturday, 20. January 2018

In January 2017, all across Canada, we marched together in solidarity with Sister Marches around the world. Today, in Canada, we March On.


On January 20, 2018, March On Canada - Calgary will be in solidarity with cities across North America for this anniversary event. Route, location, speakers and performers to be announced.

March On Canada - Calgary is a grassroots group of women that formed from last year's march and includes those who originally organized it. We welcome input and feedback, especially from Indigenous women and Women of Colour.
  • Looking over photos from last year’s march. Such an inspiring day! It was so good to see so many people coming together in solidarity.
  • A lot of the arguments about trans issues, on both sides, have talked about intersectionality. We should all know that if we're living in Canada, intersectionality means decolonizing our movements. Here's a link about decolonizing gender that is pertinent to these conversations. Please give it a read and comment only after having done so thoroughly:
  • And now for something completely different: signs for the March. Are you making one? Got supplies and/or ideas? Want to connect with others doing creative work for the event in Calgary?
  • I've been following the interactions here as I'm sure many women are, and have to say the hostility shown toward dissenting women's voices is very "problematic". I am a woman, a feminist, a Calgarian, not a "bot" or a "troll" or any of the derogatory terms flung in the faces of women who are raising valid questions and criticisms. I must ask you, who and what is this event for? Is this a women's March for women's rights against systemic sexism and violence against women? That would interest me as a feminist. However I do not see that articulated anywhere in your pages. What I have read the organizers say is that this is a march for many human rights grievances from a diverse community. Which is fine. But it's not a women's march for women then. It seems to me that calling it a women's march is very misleading. It should be correctly called under a generic title of community human rights march or some such thing. It is really unfortunate to see that women's rights are being subordinated in activism. It suggests to me the work of patriarchy in identity politics suppressing women's voices has been successful. It seems that feminism is on life support in Calgary and I've been grateful to see dissent, analysis and critical thinking by feminist voices challenging the status quo. It gives me hope. Please stop erasing those voices.
  • Hey, are there any volunteers needed for the event?
  • Our group is committed to intersectional feminism. We believe that transwomen are women and must be treated as such. We do not tolerate hateful comments and will remove them. It might take awhile for us to do so, as this is a volunteer group and the holidays are making us all a bit slow. If there is a hateful comment we have missed, please let us know.
  • There has been a recent trend with trolls pretending to be on the side of human rights, but actually doing their best to stir up heartache and division. Our organization has NOT considered censoring anyone's clothing choices at the march. On the other side, anyone who posts hateful comments here will find their comments deleted. We are understaffed with volunteers over the holidays. Can't delete every nasty comment. Peace and love. Resist the trolls!
  • What are you seeking for Indigenous input?
  • Are males allowed to attend??