05. September 2017 - 19:00

Vidiot Tuesday's Every Tuesday at Distortion | Distortion - Live Music Venue | Tuesday, 05. September 2017

Vidiot Tuesday's at Distortion - Hosted by Davey Wasted

Seven systems
Three screens
One large projector
One HUGE projector
Hundreds of games
Multiple four player games with cobtroller
Rocksmith (guitar karaoke)
Contests and prizes

Come hang! Play Vids! Rad times!

Sweet drink specials including $4 highballs and a feature $6 tall cans.

No Cover! Tell your friends!
  • The fryers are on and Jordan needs a second to **** all the **** in army of two!
  • We'd like to add that the room is open to anyone that may need a space to practice with their band, work on their art, or for table top gaming. Davey gets bored, and we have a lot of room. Get at us for details!
  • The Vidiot crew got another system. Genesis games are now available on Vidiot Tuesday's. Golden Axe, sonic, mortal kombat, eswat, altered beast..... All the classics.
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  • The guys from distortions Vidiot Gaming crew have a friend who is gaming for the good cause. Check out the info, and support a great cause through gaming, and rad human beings! Give 'em **** Jizzabelle, vidiot Gaming salutes you! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1854856537861193&id=100000105953435
  • Great news everybody! We're back and getting ready to play! Calgary social gaming at its best is back at distortion! It's Vidiot Tuesday! Still got the turkey bloat? Can't be around the family for much longer and regret offering an extended stay to "that" family member and their fifty kids who just happen to ******* love red bull? We got you. As always, we have a huge selection of games, multiple systems, and drink specials! This week brings another upgrade! We're putting in another projector and screen! Be there to see it happen before it hits YouTube. Either Jordan are falling off a ladder for the GLORY OF CONSOLE GAMING!!! and hang a projector. For gaming glory. Three screens, two projectors, multiple four player, and tournament style games! Hope to see you out. Sure beats the **** out of yelling at your friends over the same Pogues Playlist and football games.
  • https://m.facebook.com/groups/1609568935991794?view=permalink&id=1937805689834782
  • Look what we have on Super Nintendo!!!!
  • We got Golden Eye on N64 so get down here!!!!!!!!
  • https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1574150572627728&id=100000984015022
  • Sometimes you have to put the controller down.
  • We've got games, yo!
  • Annnnnd we're back at week three of vidiot Tuesday's at Distortion! A quick update on what's going on, we've upgraded a bit. There is an N64 added to the collection with four controllers. Nwo VS. Nwa Mortal kombat 4 Tony hawk pro skater (next week, goldeneye and Mario kart) We also got another controller and super smash bros on the Wii! Rocksmith is still going and we have two Xbox's and over fifty titles to choose from. We're open and the drink specials come as six dollar tall and four dollar high balls. OH, and there's no cover. Come on out and share this up, please.
  • We are open and if you need directions, just follow the emergency vehicles!
  • We got trial fusion on the Xbox360. Come on down and play.
  • Ross kicking *** on some rocksmith
  • Yes, we got wrasslin' to be played
  • Xbox, Wii, and ps4 are hooked up and ready to go. Also, as promised, and extra screen is available if you wanna use it. We'll set you up for games, media or whatever else we can do.
  • Hey folks! So today we're gonna open the bar up and play some video games! And do so every Tuesday. No cover charge, drink specials and of course, the games. So far, here are some of the games and such to expect keeping in mind, we're gonna get more and more accessories, perephrials and games as we progress. Nintendo wii Xbox 360 Playstation 4 Rocksmith is going to be set up, and we'll have a bass on hand for you to use. If you wanna play a guitar, by all means feel free to bring your own. Wanna bring your own games or systems? Sure, if we have a free screen, we'll get you set up. Don't wanna play a game and just wanna chill and watch some movies or cartoons? Yeah, we'll have some of those. Tired of the pub prices, music and crowds? You can come and sit at your favorite venue now and do whatever you'd do at the pub. Sit, have a drink and hang out with your homies. The music will be better. And for all you that need a snack, we have a deep fryer. And fries. And chicken fingers. Small menu because the awesome Distortion staff will be busy gaming and hanging with you all. Hope to see you there as we're pretty excited already.
  • Preparation is in progress!
  • Will there be instruments available for rocksmith or should I bring my own bass?
  • Hey Andrew, I know you like rocksmith...
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