10. January 2018 - 18:30 till 21:30
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Stories from Silicon Valley with Adam Berkan: Why I moved back | HustleCo Workspace | Wednesday, 10. January 2018

Ever wondered what it’s like to work for Google and live in Silicon Valley? Adam Berkan, an ex-Googler of 10 years who recently moved back to Calgary, will be joining us at HustleCo for a special talk, Stories from Silicon Valley: Why I moved back.

Adam Berkan is a software engineer who has worked in the US for over 15 years. He’s worked at Microsoft, Altera, and for the last 10 years Google. He attended product launches next to Bill Gates, has met both Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Google, and interacted with some of the highest net worth individuals in the world and has some great stories to share. Adam was with Google when it was only 7,000 employees, 1/10th the size it is today, and worked out of building 43. Recently, Adam moved back to Calgary and would like to share his experiences from the Valley.

In this talk Adam will be telling some stories of how life is different in Silicon Valley. How do the big tech firms compete on a global scale? How does their culture let them attract top talent? What are the wackiest perks? Why was it called building 43? What’s it like to grow with the most successful tech giant in the world?

This talk will also discuss why Adam has moved back to Calgary. Why leave the US and California now? Why move back to Canada and Calgary in particular?

This talk will be great for people looking to grow a tech company in Calgary and compete in the global tech market. You’ll hear plenty of funny and quirky stories while learning some of Calgary’s innate advantages and disadvantages as well as some lessons and pitfalls from Silicon Valley to bring to your business.

In true Silicon Valley fashion, free beer, refreshments, snacks, and perhaps tea will be served.